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I believe that I've just about warmed up / dried off after two outdoor engagements today..........typical Scottish weather for June, persistent rain and 9 degrees. Bad enough in Perth this morning (where we had a pipe band for "company", playing at the other end of a charity street market) but really tough in Crieff later, where a lot of work had gone into a celebration to mark the refurbishment of a local park, including the Victorian bandstand. There was a good turnout of folks despite the rain, we really must arrange a gig there again and hope for a nice day, as the park is in a valley and the sound carries beautifully from the bandstand. Compere this afternoon, by the way, was Jim MacGregor, father of Ewan - our conductor did however resist all "Brassed Off" references!


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I believe it's nearly the end of term! - I believe this is a well earned break :) (oh...except for holiday homework and revison for AS exams... lol)


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I believe 'safeguarding' has now transformed into imprisonment and the teachers (warders) are doubling up as prisoners. I will not sign in or out!


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My school now has an 8ft fence all around it, the gates are going to be locked - not just closed (they are elctronic) but locked before and after school, all staff are being forced to sign in and out twice a day. Staff will not have the codes to unlock the gates, even though the caretakers and cleaners (and some of the children eventually/inevitably) will. We are no longer trusted to be professional or to act in a professional manner. Previous to this - over the whole of the last 22 years while I have worked there - I have been expected and trusted to behave like the professional I am. Now, I'm being treated as though I am a menace to the children. I'm insulted, I'm hurt and I'm bl00dy angry. :hammer

If this stupidity had happened two days ago I would not have been able to get my car out of school on returning from Madrid at 8pm because the sodding gates would have been locked. As it happens I still had to ring the caretakers to make sure the gates wouldn't be padlocked shut when I got home.

Nobody is willing to stand up and say "That's enough!" If this culture of fear and repression continues, the next generation are going to be so fearful they'll never achieve anything.

My partner works in a prison and the security there is lax by comparison to my school. I am not joking.
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I believe that is so blighting on the psysche of the human consiousness Mike!

I believe I am back!! Yay!! I have had some gremlins in my pc that seem to elude me clicking onto this beloved site! Me has a lot of catching up to do!