Hurricane Charley

Brian Bowen

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We are so thankful to have been spared the wrath of Hurricane Charley. It's path had been predicted to make landfall in the Tampa Bay area yesterday but instead it did so farther south and headed northeast, narrowly missing us in Sarasota. However, it has caused enormous devastation to other areas.

We personally were not in an evacuation zone but thousands who were are now able to return to their homes. Today we are unbattening the hatches. Our prayers are for those who have suffered.



Glad to hear you have come through the hurricane safely. I have friends in Valrico, Tampa Bay and have yet to hear how they are doing. I hear that there is a lot of devastation and that it will take a while to clear up.


Big Twigge

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It is a terrible natural disaster. We were in Cuba only a couple of weeks ago and counting are blessings that we're not there now. I hope all your friends are safe and well.


Naomi McFadyen

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Saw reports on the news tonight and like each hurricane and disaster its shocking and devistating... my thoughts and prayers go out to all concerned.

John Brooks

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Hi Brian:

We have family in the Venice area and share your mixed emotions. So grateful for their (and your) safety but concerned for others not so fortunate.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Dave Payn

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mikelyons said:
Glad to hear you're OK Brian.

Glad we don't have things like this to put the wind up us!

Glad everything's OK, Brian.

I've read, though, that the tail end of HC is heading towards the west and south east of the UK in the next few days. Whilst not as powerful as HC itself, I think battening down the hatches might be a good idea if this is true!

Well Worth It

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Thing that worries me, is the fact that you're safer in your car if it rains and there's lightening, but if there's no lightening and heavy rain/flooding, then sitting in your car is one of the most hazardous places to be.....?

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