huddz band

just wanted 2 know, r there any players from huddersfield brass on here?, if there is, hi guys and gals, hope uve been able 2 fill out the trombone section 4 the areas, hope vizcaya's coming on well, cya at the areas, best of luck!
Hi Clive. As an ex Hudds trombone player, think they have managed to fill the seats for the area. Don't think anyone from the band is on tMP, need to get get in touch and tell them!!
Do you not fancy the solo trombone seat?? Was surprised to hear that you left when i came back from uni last year.
i was surprized 2 c that u'd left aswell, that kinda left them with 0 trombones, lol, i know they had a part time player called keith but he came from newcastle and so he wasnt down 2 practices that often, last time i went down they were almost a full band apart from trombones really, if they advertized on here 4 trombones and wotevaelse they need they cud fill the vacancies 4 the areas at least!

i didnt stay on coz i wasnt gonna learn nething not havin much of a trombone section there, with peter and alison at hb i think i should improve in my playing, even tho im on 2nd, im enjoying it with hb at the moment neway so i'd better not say nethinelse otherwise i'll prolly get myself in2 trouble, interesting choice going 2 carlton main, hows things going with them at the moment?, o and i know u know grant at uni, (hb principal cornet)
Yeah it did leave them a bit short, but guess it happens! Keith is there now, one of the players filling the seats for the area.

madandcrazytromboneguy said:
interesting choice going 2 carlton main, hows things going with them at the moment?

Why do you think it was an interesting choice?

Don't think many people from the band know about tMP, you'll have to tell them next time you go down, spread the word!!

BTW i do know Grant, I'll say hi to him when I see him at uni band.

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