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Has anyone actually managed to get their results on the internet yet?! It's doing my head in!! I know what I've got but I want the break down

Jayne (obviously not Lee)

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I got mine yesterday afternoon in the end. Worked really well which was a pain since I spent my morning melting in the computer room! Stupid having everyone trying to get their results off a system that can't seem to cope!!! :evil:

Dave Euph

Yep, got mine at 9:45 yesterday! No one thought the results werte available yet so I soared through! 4 Bs and a C, so I'm happy. You can tell because I have a stinking hangover right now.


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Well done people for passing. Must say i was canny surprised to stil be on the list, brought a small smile to my face seeing the word

Andrew Griffiths: May not progress :D

Mind you I still got some marks....eyyyyyyy :lol:

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