Howard Snell's 'The Trumpet'


I have been reccomended this book and I was just wondering whether it was as good as I've heard it is?

Also I was wondering if anyone knew of books on Brass Mechanics as Paul Robinson from ever ready mentioned them to me at a course with the county band but he left before I could ask him for titles and authors :?.


Ive got a copy of 'The Trumpet' and yes... its a brilliant read.
When I got it I used it as more of a reference book to look up things I struggled with...


Yep, this book is the 2nd bible (the first one being the Arban naturally :wink: )

But seriously, yeah go out and buy it, it's full of wisdom, the guy is a genius!

James McFadyen

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I bought that book way back in my Soprano days with Buckhaven Band.

It is a really good book with lots of great exercises, lots of great tips, a truly unqiue book and one to inspire any Trumpeter (or cornet player ;) )

Trumpet's Rule, Cornet's drool!


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... or FLUGEL players :p

I've read it and it's a very good book. Good to dip into and pick out exercises and tips etc.

Kirsty xx
Buy it!!

Howard Snell has another book on the way (probably in a couple of Months or so..) called "Art of Practice" which expands further on the practice chapter from "The Trumpet".



Think I got mine from Smiths

ISBN Number is 0 9511 961 2 X

Which should help.

Or order from Kirklees Music 01484 722855



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Kind've on this topic, anyone know if there is a ringbound version of the Arban (you know, wiv those circly bits so you can fold it back on itself)?

A trumpet teacher I had for a few months as a cover tutor (great guy, Mr Whitbread) said that he used to have one years ago. I just think it would be a whole lot easier to use on a music stand, not closing up on itself every 5 minutes.

He also said he had a leather bound one, but that it was really old and he'd never seen one since he got his...

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