How to Survive the Area Contests


Hello tMP, I haven't posted here for a long time!

I'm compiling a guide to the Area Contest for our newsletter. What suggestions do you guys have to 'Survive the Area Contests', either good advice, serious stuff, or light-hearted jokes!


Some I've had already are:
Be forgiving of your conductor, he'll get stressed out and say things he doesn't mean,
Be patient!
and Don't blooming enter!

Phil Green

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If you don't qualify for the finals for goodness sake don't think, like so many other bands do, "that's it, our years over!"


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There used to be some licks in the test piece I "couldn't play"

Funny enough, when I actually practiced it daily (like 20 times for each of those licks), put it on a metronome and worked my way up, I found improvement to the level I could actually do it!

But it takes that diligence to stick to it everyday until you get it
It's only a 15 minute gig in March, don't let it ruin your year.... or band....

All you can hope for in a contest is for the performance to go to your plan. "Your" being what your MD has rehearsed with you for the previous weeks.... the result is out of your control. Be pleased if it goes to plan, expect the wrath of the MD if it doesn't. What the judges say, is just their opinion(s) of your performance in relation to others on that day... that's all.

T Winch

Retire from playing and just go along for the beer and a listen. Oh, hang on. That won't work. There wouldn't be anyone to listen to! I'll get me coat :oops:


don`t draw 1 or 2 in your section then you might have a chance of getting the man or woman in the box to remember your performance...hhhmmmmm...
Don't have a curry the night before

Find time for some friendly banter with mates from other bands

If you play a wrong note, forget it and carry on

Have a curry on the way home


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Don't treat it as a life or death situation, it's more important than that! :biggrin:

(with thanks to Bill Shankly amongst others....)