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I'm using a band Eb Tenor Sov. at the moment. Unfortunately it's so sharp I have to have the tuning slide right out and if I blow too hard it falls off. This is not ideal.
One solution I've been told is to extend the tuning slide. OK, but it already catches on my arm and other bits which male horn players don't have to worry about.
Does anyone know of any other solutions, and more importantly, how much these other solutions might cost. E.g. can it be re-tuned and what are we looking at for that?
I'm told sharpness is a design feature of horns. Although possibly not of their players...
Any genuine suggestions gratefully received.


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is it dented at all..?
if so having these removed will reduce the sharpness...

too many horn players play sharp... pull slide out and lip up = better, fuller tone


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I'm sure that any good instrument repairer/bodger could put together some kind of funky extra-long tuning slide that doubled back on itself so that it didn't get in the way, or it could even be shaped to any shape you want while giving the extra length so you can pull it out further and so go flatter.

Strangely I keep going flat so have to lip it up or just blow louder to get in tune.


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it could be your mouthpiece... i went out and bought a christian lindberg mouthpiece once and played for months with the tuning slide right out before i thought "Sod this" and went back to my old one!


We had an EEb bass player with the same problem, actually had it fall on the floor in one of those pieces where everybody stands by section, funny moment.

She got a "bit" to put between the mputhpiece and lead pipe, much cheaper solution than getting and extra length slide made. Not sure what it'll do to all the paritials in the overtone series, no doubt their tend different than they did without it and you'll have to re-learn what to do with each note.

BTW, I like the dent theory, dents especially in the small tubing could have a huge effect.


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buy the (2nd) 1st horns boosey and hawkes 400 old horn, its fine, just needs loving!! if this isnt becky? ignore that comment!!

great sarcastic advice for you buy a new horn!! (only joking)


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