How Old were you when you started

How old were you when you started playing

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sudcornet said:
I was eight, had been playing violin for 2 years and was ****, so when the violin teacher had a heart attack and died on York Station, my mum took it as an omen and asked the bandmaster to let me have a go on a cornet.....32 years later some would say still **** on cornet!!


Sounds similar to me, I wasted two years playing a clarinet and even dabbled with a bassoon before finally realising that my future was brass!

Still even that can be a challenge ... how did you choose the instrument for you? For me I've tried every instrument ... bar trombone!

Dave Euph

I had just turned 12 and it was the start of year 8 for me when I started. Seven years on and somehow and doing music at university.

Note - that doesn't mean I've got any better from my startling first two years! :)


Cantonian said:
When learning, once I could play two pieces from the Orange Unity series book (SA bandsmen will recognise Merrily Onward and Llanfair)

Classic book, and classic pieces. Think Llanfair was one of the first pieces I played out!

Anyway, back on topic!
Started playing brass aged about 7, and percussion around the same time.
Started playing clarinet about aged 13, and started teaching myself guitar at around 15 or so.
Always kind of been able to play piano. Once played flute at a few school orchestra practices, and in a concert too! But soon gave that up!


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:rolleyes: 14! i got told the t-horn was my instrument, and had a shocking brass teacher, up untill i passed my grade 6 with distinction (no thanks to the teacher) june, last year (2003)

i got a new brass teacher about 2 months ago (see, i need a horn teacher thread) and im doin my 8 in about 5/6 weeks.

i also started piano, only last september, at the age of 17!!
allthough i dabbled with keyboard in year 5 (11?)

i also taught (and still do) teach myself guitar, when i feel like it, but the violin i was gonna learn is getting sold, and i REALLY should get lessons on the penny whistle!!
oooh and i want a trombone!


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lilcornetgirl said:
I can't believe most peps started when they were young what made everyone join when they were young i mean what made everyone start when they were 13-15.

I got started coz of my dad.

I started cos of my dad also (age 6)! Am glad now though!

Dave Payn

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I started at 11 and the silly thing is, I can remember the exact day and date of my first trumpet lesson! Thursday December 19th 1974..... (and to add a bit of 'On this day' to that date, the BBC transmitted a 19 minute documentary about the making of Monty Python and the Holy Grail...... so 'Ni!')
Depends which instrument(s) you're talking about:

Piano: Aged 7 (still say that everyone should know some "basic" piano)
Percussion: Aged 13 (but has since become my main/pro instrument)
Brass (Lower... mouth's too big for cornets !): Aged 20
Woodwind (Clarinet / Sax): Aged 24 (fancied having a go !)

Haven't dabbled in Strings yet, and don't really think I will....


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I was 9 when I first played - wanted to play Trombone, but my arms wasn't long enough. The band needed a Sop player so I played it - just to be different, cos evrybody wanted to play Bb cornet.

Stopped playing when I was 16-ish and didn't pick it up again until last year.
Best thing I ever did!

On reflection, think it was good to have a break. If I hadn't I think I would have just been stuck in a rut, but bieng able to see other bands from an outsider perspective really changed my attitude. I regained the enthusiasm I had when I was 9 and I think Im doing alright now - still learning.


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I started aged about 12. Because I've always been dozy, I don't have Dave Payn's memory for the date. However, I can remember my mum's expression and her query "What the b****y hell is that?"


Although this poll shows, that the majority of players start around 9 yrs, there is a wagging tail of where us 40 somethings took up the challenge of the plumbing. So when parents bring their bright young thing down to band don't overlook MUM & DAD as potential learners.

Keith Stanley James Lever

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My owd fellow [Stanley Lever, Solo Eb Horn in Bury Public Silver Band] started me off at the age of FOUR. For donkeys years I was under the impression that there where only seven letters in the English alphabet (A,B,C,D,E,F,G)

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