How much time do you spend anywhere else?

2nd man down

Staff member you that are left in here spend more time posting in here than anywhere else now??

When I registered i reckon 90% of my time on line was spent in the random section and the other 10% split between the rest. Now that I'm in the BOC Bro house I estimate that 95% of my time is spent in here or BBLB and the other 5% flicking between the other forums to briefly keep up with what's going on in the "real" world.

And since I came in here my post rate has gone through the roof...and it was pretty high before!!


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i seem to spend most of my time in here aswell, cant think why, must be the company.
im trying to keep up with other stuffbut dont seem to be doing to well!.

i think my post count has gone up a bit too!


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I spend most of my time in here, because I find it more fun and interesting! :D
I also think the number of posts out of the house aren't as large as they once were, as over the weekend when i'm away, by monday there used to be usually around 2000 posts, but now it's far smaller! :cry:


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I spend almost all my time in the house! I try and have a look through random and the rehersal room as well, but I don't really have the time.

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