How much does banding mean to you?


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I don't know if there's been similar posts on this (mods feel free to direct me to it if there is).
But I was wondering how much banding affects other peoples lives.

For me i've only been in banding for two years, and it's been one of the best decisions i've ever made.

I've met loads of new people, and has given me many memorable (and embarassing!) moments.

Soooo, how much does banding mean to you?


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You'd better ask my ex-girlfriend that one :oops:

I love it, playing, listening, talking, writing, and now . . . . tMP!!!!!!

Sad ain't it :dunno

The Cornet King

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ploughboy said:
I love it, playing, listening, talking, writing, and now . . . . tMP!!!!!!

Sad ain't it :dunno

Very Sad...Join the club! :D
Brass Banding is so good in so many ways. Like has already been said, you get to meet loads of new people. Part of the fun of banding is the brilliant social life that comes with it!!
Banding is right at the top of my life (behind family of course! :lol: and :guiness ) although banding is drinking so...

Long may the banding tradition continue!! :D :D


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got to say, the banding community is like one big family to me (well, mostly!), and I can honestly say that some of the friends I've made while in banding have been the best and longest lasting! what would we do without banding eh?


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I joined my band 1year and a bit ago, its now a major part of my life. I havent had any embarrassing experiences but im sure there is plenty of them coming my way lol! :D


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I only regret not starting earlier really. It's a massive part of my life, which I know a lot of people I know think is very strange! I've met lots of people and done lots of things I would never have gotten to do otherwise.


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anyone who travels as much as I do to get to band is either insane or committed..

or should that be insane and committed? ;)

beat that one, Mr. Peter Pun!
My best friends are from bands, and i rue the day when we wont be playing in a band together after uni etc. :cry:

i like banding but i hate the political side of it, but still... it's comes behind family, collegework & job work.


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Banding is the biggest part of my life. During my time with the NYBB(1 yr so far) and my band, I have got loads of great memories! Most of my friends are in my bands, it's a shame that my other friends at school can't support me in what I do and love. My family give me a huge amount of support though and drive me all around the country for band engagements and contests!


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most of my friends are from bands! i love it!!! i dont think were sad either just special and different!! special people!!


I've been playing for 26 years now and apart from 9 months when I was without a band it has been a very important part of my life. When I was without a band and instrument I still had a mothpiece and annoyed everybody by "buzzing" on it most days! It felt like my arm had been cut off. I couldn't imagine never playing.

Long live banding :bounce


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I've been banding so long, and started so young, that I can't imagine life without it. I met most of my closest friends in bands, and I know my life would be poorer without them or the music. Oh... and I met my husband thru band too!! :D

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I have been involved in banding since 1993, and I am only just 22....... :oops:

It is a major part of my life (well, I am now the bandmaster!!!) a lot of my friends are in it, it got me into my line of work.....

Now for the harderst find myself a girl who enjoys banding, or doesn't mind my involvement....preferably someone who can help me keep the library organised!!

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leisa said:
most of my friends are from bands! i love it!!! i dont think were sad either just special and different!! special people!!

We are all very special indeed! :D And certainly different :hammer

After all who else is gonna march in the rain... :? tolerate excessive drinking :guiness ... AND Buy your most hated of opposition a pint in the bar afterwards :D

Brass Banders...a special could say a Vintage! :lol:


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