How many Bands play on Xmas Day?

Roger Thorne

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How many Band's play Carols on Christmas Morning?

I personally have never ventured out with a band on Christmas morning and know of only one band that still continue this tradition on Christmas Day (Cricklade Band - Swindon, and I think they start at 6.00 a.m.!!!!!)

How many bands still do this?


Ramsey Town Band in the Isle of Man play at the local hospital on Christmas morning, should say they used to until very recently, I would imagine they're still doing the same.


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Dungarvan band play at midday mass every Christmas morning/afternoon in St Mary's Parish Church Dungarvan


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My old band used to go round the local hospital on Christmas afternoon. It was a great excuse for getting away from the relatives for a few hours not to mention great fun since most people had had rather too much christmas spirit (I have some very scary recollections of our Eb Bass player sitting in the lift and playing cause he could only just stand up, someone had to hold the door open for him. After a while we left it close :lol: ).


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Hadleigh Temple Band has a number of visits every year. Christmas Eve includes visits to a couple of retirement homes, a street party and local pubs and clubs, and Christmas morning we visit Basildon Hospital. On each occasion the ensemble is made up of those bandsmen who are available, providing a reasonable balance is achieved, and we are usually very well received, particularly at the hospital.
My old band - Loxley - used to (and as far as I know still do) walk round Bradfield village playing carols (and accepting drinks and mince pies) on Chrsitmas morning


Blackley Band plays in all the open wards at Booth Hall Childrens Hospital on christamas morning every year.


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How late is this reply?

Wantage band walk round the town on Christmas morning, playing carols, but this pales in comparison to the activities of the Aldbourne band who play carols from the top of the Aldbourne church tower at 4 a.m.!



Another late reply......

not strictly a band - but a group of friends go to one of the local hospitals on Christmas morning and play....

My kids would love to come....but not allowed under hospital rules


Onchan Silver Band in the Isle of Man used to venture out on Xmas morning...not sure if they still do. I have to admit though, that during about 17 years as a member, I never once turned up! :roll:


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Nope - we play around a lamppost on Christmas Eve but that's it! I'm usually up North with the folks anyways so I avoid it nicely!!! :)

Rach x


My old band British Steel Teesside play round their village on Christmas morning. Normally with steaming hangovers.

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