How lazy are you?


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On a scale of 1 to 10 how lazy would you say... 1 being something like, get up early, go for run, get to work early etc and 10 being "what you want me to use my own legs to walk, get me a wheelchair and push me"

Personally I would put myself squarely as a number 10 :p


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Aaaah, but attaining my level of laziness will require effort on your part, meaning that it is a goal that can never be reached!!! In a warped and lazy Catch-22 stylee.


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Lazy... When someone comes round at four in the afternoon and you have to get out of bed to let them in thats lazy.

2nd man down

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No, lazy is leaving the door unlocked so they can let themselves in, what's all this getting out of bed lark all about??

Me?? I laugh in the face of work and I tweak the nose of exertion. (well i get someone to do it for me if i can.)

reckon i'm in the 50's somewhere. (And for all you cheeky gits that know me that's not a reference to my age!!)


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Your not over 50??
I must be really bad at judging age then

yea your right im not lazy i should work less at being lazy


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on a scale of one to ten i'm probably an 8. it would be higher but i have to walk to school.....................


Im about a 7 I think... It would be higher but I do alot of walking around in work :wink:


Is lazy driving to McDonalds the morning after a big night out to get the legendary breakfast?

Is lazy driving to lectures that are only 1 mile away?

Is lazy having a tv remote when your tv is only 3 feet from your bed?

Looks like I could quite well qualify for being pretty damn lazy!!!

Jo x


Big Twigge said:
how lazy am I?.......quite

I will vouch for Big Twigge's laziness... after many conversations with her about how her week has been and what shes done, I generally got the same answer at the end... NOTHING :p :p :p :p :p :p :p

Jo Elson

i would say 3, cos i get up at 7am everyday but its only because i have to and i go to the gym but thats because i will look pathetic and wont be able to complete my D of E award but being lazy isnt really an option at the moment

Dave Euph

Lazy enough to wake up, think about making a phone call for the doctors for a check-up (the phone is right next to the bed) and deciding I can't be bothered and I'm hardly going to die from my injuries before curling back to bed. Yep, I didn't even have to get out of bed to make that call!

But in all honesty I rate myself about a 6/7 most of the time, because once I am out of bed I might actually do some work!

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