How did you hear about ...? please answer.

How did you hear about ...?

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Hi All

Some of you might have seen my recent advertisement in the latest edition of Brass Band World magazine... or maybe not as the case may be...!! :?

However, would you mind selecting an option from the above - it is all valuable information for me and will undoubtedly help determine which is the best way for me to promote and try to grow our membership. The best way to get interesting, stimulating, diverse and thought provoking discussion is through a wide and varied membership.

Hope you agree....

Please feel free to add comments if you select 'other' from the above list. It's ALWAYS good to know how people hear about us.

Thanks in advance ... :D


Jeesus, can't remember yesterday let alone a couple of weeks ago :?

Didn't 4br mention you..or was it an E-mail I got ? :oops:


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My, we seem to have got off topic here.. ;)
If people are so curious about my identity, I suggest that you repost under "Who was that masked man?" or similar..

Prize for the best guess...


Dave Jake told me about it as he knows I spend all day working on computers and so I'm glad of a diversion every now and then!

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