How are you doing?

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Just wanted to check in with everyone to see how you are doing? Do you have a piece of exciting news to share with the community? Would love to here about it in this thread!

Jack E

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NO news of any sort, I'm afraid. How am I doing? On a scale of 0 - 10; about 3.


John Brooks

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Thanks for asking. In Canada, we're embroiled in the pandemic as well as a national election. Personally I would rather not be involved in either but, like many other things in life, I don't have that option. I have a friend who lives in Melbourne where they are in their 6th lockdown; in Ontario we have "only" had three so things could be a lot worse. I am almost 76 but have health to go for a walk most days for up to an hour.....not what I used to be but not too bad either. As I walk, I see a lot of lawn signs that say "No more lockdowns", provided by a protest group. I would prefer to see signs saying "No more Covid!!" in support of the majority who have been vaccinated and are following the rules. So, things are far from Utopia but, following Jack's lead, on a scale of 0 - 10; I'm an 8. "God Bless us one and all".

2nd tenor

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How am I doing? The lockdown was naff but we’re pretty much out of the wood now and my Band have kept things going with virtual rehearsals, groups of six and under (when legal) playing outside and the main Band is now rehearsing in a large hall, but there’s no pressure to attend or to do public playing events.

I’d say 6 - 7 /10. Life has been worse, I’m hopeful for better whilst wonder what more unhappiness this Winter might bring. The sun is shining just now and I enjoyed a good cycle and walk this morning in the countryside, and a nice flask of coffee at a scenically placed picnic bench. Taking one day at a time and feeling cautiously positive about things.
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