How annoying are sport commentators!


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With the Olympics on i've just realised this, you get old blokes like Barry Davies mocking athletes, saying they are crap and stuff like that but what has he actually done...somehow don't think he could run the 100 metres in 9 point odd seconds :!:


I think the commentators help us to loose! Take for example the double badmington when they kept saying, "we're just 5 points of gold medal"! Didn't happen tho did it.


Try doing live commentary and you'll find it very difficult to describe what is going on without saying something stupid or blindingly obvious :!:
In a stop/start game like badminton, you have to fill the break in between points with some comment :wink:

(Former Sports Ed in student radio :wink: )

Power Tooba

stephen2001 said:
Try doing live commentary and you'll find it very difficult to describe what is going on without saying something stupid or blindingly obvious :!:

No one's forcing them to do it :!: No denying it might not be an easy job, but for the wedge they get, they ought to be able to do it well :!:

It always used to amuse me the amount of time Murray Walker got stuff wrong in F1. He'd say it was someone and then 30 seconds later say "oh no it's someone else".

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My all time favourite Jonathan Pearce moment...

(Not really anything wrong with it!)

"You're listening to England Versus San Marino, on Capital Gold, with Carling Black Label - a Lager in a League of its own. And the score is England Nil, San Marino One"... ... ... ... ...


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I think the BBC as a whole is at an alltime low, particularly the sports coverage.

The fact that Gary Lineker is the 'top-dog' says something, he tries to be off the wall and witty and ends up just sounding like a poor mans Des Lynam. People like John Motson and Barry Davies are well past their sell-by date and the attempts to make the BBC look revolutionary and inline with SKY are on a par with something that Alan Partridge and Pear Tree Productions would produce!

I thought I was having a nightmare when Football Focus went 'casual' with Stubbs, Crooks and Lawrenson sat on the sofa with no ties and three different colour shirts on...utter rubbish :roll:

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Lynam was just too 'cheesy' for me. Much prefer Lineker who's at least funnier than that eejit they've got on MOTD 2 on Sunday who claims to be a comedian! No disrespect to the Crystal Palace contingent on here but he's simply not funny and it's the sort of stunt that ITV would normally be guilty of. The one thing he did point out that made me laugh (the Wenger lookalike yesterday) I dare say would have been fed to him by the show's producers anyway.

As for Barry Davies, the story is he's leaving the beeb anyway. Motson might be past it, but he's still better than Clyde 'That wonderful night in Barcelona' Tyldesley. The commentator they should REALLY be putting out to grass is Tony Gubba!
eddie and stevo from sky sports who comentate the rugby league matches are bad.

they are really bad. they are so biased towards certain teams.


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I couldn't believe it when OAP Table Tennis Player Jan-Ove Waldner was described as "simply the greatest sportsman of these games" the other day. Its Table Tennis for gods sake!! And I don't even think he won gold anyway!

I loved the way the commentators really bigged up our swimmers, when in fact they were rubbish and usually came 7th or 8th. In the 1st Round.

Respect to Barry though, he may talk rubbish but the spectrum of sports he covers is massive.

Worried about Foster and SMB Cram in the marathon though. According to them, that Japanese runner was on the brink of collapse for about 15 miles.

Non Olympic commentators? can't stand Motto or Lawro. Brooking is Ok. Tyldesley is a moron as is the entire ITV team. At least Lineker on the Beeb was a good player, unlike either Townsend or Earle. I think they should have locked townsend in his "tactics bus" and thrown away the key. Gabby Logan rocks.

The worst tv sports presenter ever?? John Barnes on 5! (watchit this thursday night about midnight. Its excruciating) How wooden is he? His worst moment? Presenting The Super Bowl despite obviously having approx. no knowledge of American Football.

However having Jonathan Edwards do the sport on Look North was an inspired idea on someone's part!

Dave Payn

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Agreed about Barnes but even him presenting the Superbowl wasn't quite as bad as the Vicious Boys (who made even Ant and Dec appear funny) presenting it on Channel 4 a few years back!

Naomi McFadyen

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My favourite 'commentor talk' was yesterday at the 800 metres womens final....

1 58 point 8 whatever, I dont care!

on the whole they are doing a good job i think....some things like
he's getting tired now!
are a bit pointless in saying....
I mean, how so they know?!



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George Allagiah asked the classic question to one of Paula Radcliffe's team mates on the Six O'Clock news last night: 'So, how do you think Paula is feeling at the moment?'...Nice question George, bet she is on top of the world :roll:

This team mate was one of the guys that won the rowing and George, three seconds after saying 'yes, it must be heartbreaking for her' said 'great news about your medal though!'......put your spade away George :lol:

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