it's been well quiet in here recently and i reckon thats due to two things

a) nominations (yuk)
b) a certain poll in the random forum :roll:

i just wanted to say......

WAKE UP!!!!!

come on, we entered this for a laugh, and the first few days were great, really active and funny. so lets not loose that eh?? we've only got a few days before the first person is evicted so lets have some fun!!!

*rousing speech over* :D


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Sorry was just taking advantage of the sun and am now red from sunbathing!!!


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homicidalbennyboy said:
BB can we have a fun quick task that'll liven up the place?
are you insane!!!!
BB take no notice of bunnyboy, i think the sun has got to his head


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Only a fun one with a reward if we pass, nothing if we fail, i.e. guess how many people will posts there will be in the next hour, etc...


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*may hold this to him later on in the compo (if I'm still here, which mr. evil bale thinks I won't be!!)*

Jo Elson

don't think you should have stayed out so long either or at least you shouldn't have put your sunglasses on your head for so long! 8)


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Yes, I was having a knightmare that i was being evicted and all because I couldn't let Anna take the fall!! It was horrid!

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