Housemates - your FINAL task :(

Housemates must, by 5pm Thursday evening, post, in this thread, a minimum 1000 word essay about their experience as tMP BB contestants. The essay must include the following topics:

  • - what they've enjoyed about the experience

    - and what they haven't! ;)

    - their honest experience of completing tasks - this is important - must include details of ALL tasks and what methods were used to complete them (yes, housemates, this includes the 'Tune Association' task :twisted: )

    - their honest opinion of each of their fellow housemates

    - their honest opinion of BB

    - in their opinion, what they have gained from this experience.

Failure to complete this task by any housemate, and failure to include ALL of the above criteria may result in that housemate being expelled from the competition.

So, housemates, good luck with your final BB task!



PS. To help you, the essays will NOT be spell-checked! ;)


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My Experience in the BOC Brother House.

This is one of the hardest things I have done whilst in the house! When I was first accepted by big brother I didn’t know what to expect, how it was going to work or how I personally was going to get along with the other guests.

Their honest opinion of each of their fellow housemates

Let’s have a look at who was in there.

2nd man down, groovy, homocidalbennyboy, Jo Elson, kate_the_horn, Seedhouse, Sellers Bird, trombelle, WhatSharp. These were the “original” guests but as those of you who have followed this will know there were also two more incumbents in the house thrown in after grooveygate. More about that later!

Although BB has asked my opinion of each guest I have decided not to go into individual detail as I didn’t get to know most of those as they couldn’t log on to tmp long enough due either to college, work or what ever reason. What I will say is that I believe each person in here gave 100% to having fun, and to that end I think we all succeeded.
Of all the guests I think I enjoyed the company of the other two finalists the most. Personally I think it became clear pretty early on who would go on into the final few weeks. We all worked well together in the many tasks and we all bounced off each other in the different threads having much fun in the process.

Now for the two “extras” Mr Pain, and miss Torious! Both were added to bring in a bit of oomph to the proceedings. In this they really succeeded! I truly believed that Mr Pain was genuinely with us and was truly thrown by his exit, and the way it happened. Now to puss! A complete pain in the arse! But great fun and took all of the stick she was given in good faith. That’s all I’m going to say about the others!

Their honest opinion of BB

Now here is a question an a half! BB at times was a complete pain. It’s difficult to put down an opinion of BB because he was different people at different times. BB did his job well; he kept things going and added plenty of spice when it needed it.
The only downer on BB that I have is the way that “grooveygate” was handled. I was genuinely ready to walk out on that one, but it all sorted itself out and in the end we had a great deal of fun from it.

The Tasks!

What were they I can’t actually remember all of them! I’m not doing this in order because I can’t remember the order, or what they were!

I seem to remember there was a lot of writing involved in them, and for me that is a complete pain as my English is horrendous even with a spell checker!
I seem to remember a task on peanut butter phobia that we were so unlucky to fail. I think we had all done really well and worked as a team. I was disappointed that BB didn’t give us a little leniency.
There was also the poem task. Again a flippin English task, another one that we failed. A pretty poor effort but we were all new to it and didn’t really pull together as a team.

Then there was the tune association thread task. For Ben and me this one was one of the hardest. We had decided to do the late shift ourselves, and at one point I dropped a bit of a clanger and almost cost us the task. But what can I say? It was early in the morning and I was knackered! But we passed and we were all well chuffed! This was the task that brought the remaining housemates together in my opinion.

There was the acronym task. Good one this I enjoyed it although I did have a bit of help with it form some f the other guys!

Avatar task. Yet another one that took hours of looking through various posts to try a find a tiny bit of some bodies picky. Bloody hard work to do late at night when you’re dropping off to sleep.

I think I have all of them. If now oh well it’s been fun!!!!!

What have I enjoyed about the whole experience and what have I not enjoyed?

I have pretty much enjoyed the whole thing really. It’s been a rollercoaster of a ride from day one up until now. I was genuinely ready to walk out at one stage, during what I’ve called groove gate” I was extremely annoyed as were all of the guests. I think it could have been organised differently. Perhaps for the next BB it could be sorted out so that that sort if thing doesn’t happen again. Maybe if we had been asked about holidays etc before we came into the house. That way the problem wouldn’t have happened or could have been managed a little differently. How I don’t know but i'm a guest and not BB so it doesn’t matter!

One of the other difficult things we have had to do is to nominate. This became increasingly more difficult as we have neared the end. At the start it was slightly easier as we didn’t know each other as well. For me it was a case of nominating those who had done badly in the tasks or let is down somehow. The last one was more a case of voting to try and get rid of those I felt could beat me! (Sorry guys!)

The best bit for me is a lot harder to write about, as there is so much to consider. I think one of the biggest things was to meet the other guests, 8 of which were complete strangers, and have so much fun with them all. As the numbers were gradually whittled down it became harder and harder to find things to do and say.

What have I gained?

10 new friends for one thing! And that’s about it really!
I was bonkers when I came in, and ill be bonkers when I leave! Only difference is more people will know it!


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My Stay in the BB House

Since signing up for BOC Brother many weeks ago, I have enjoyed numerous experiences and have thoroughly enjoyed my time in the now slightly-worn-looking BOC Bro housemate. However, the time that most sticks in my head, by being the most memorable time in the BOC Brother house definitely has to be the first week! There was so much going on, so many posts, so many people, it was so busy that it was brilliant to quickly write a post, then quickly nav. back to the tMP BOC Bro House to find a mammoth amount of orange flags! Thank the Lord that I was on study leave – and I’m blaming tMP if I fail all my GCSEs!

I’ve also enjoyed getting to know everyone in more detail, and knowing how each other gets wound up, that was funny! I’ve also enjoyed seeing how tMP members can unite as a team – that’s been quite a nice experience, as well as seeing a side to different people that I’d usually expect. Being totally honest, I sort of cringed when I read down the list of fellow housemates, and in retrospect I think that the dynamics of the group were really well chosen :)tup), and hopefully it made it enjoyable for the public to read (except the people who detested it in the Random Thread … Jez :evil: :?) and from my point of view, it certainly made reading it great too – the Kitten/DP thing … pure genius!

Now what didn’t I like about this whole ordeal? Hmmm…, as it was probably perceived (oh my god, I’m using big and posh words :cry:) I, myself didn’t particularly like the issue of Groovy’s holiday, and hopefully BOC Brother could see past the angry threats and rants, and luckily (for BOC Bro …) it did all get sorted. Also failing most of the tasks, and even the forfeits for tasks failed was quite a downpoint too, I mean we weren’t even good enough to pass a single task till about week 6! (Ok .. maybe a slight exaggeration, but hey, it’s a monologue, I bet none of you read this anyway :?)

The tasks that we completed were, on the the whole fun and enjoyable, even if we did fail. Overall, they were pretty funny, and amusing, although, as was shown by our inability to pass them, fairly hard (either that or we’re just all thickos, ok, don’t answer that …). As for the truth about the “Tune Association Thread”, here it is: Super_Sop and myself honestly did stay up through the night, and luckily for me I was on school holidays, and poor old Craig, almost everynight he went to bed early (I say it’s his age, but he insists that it was the task!), poor love!

So you want the methods huh? :)
  • For the majority of the quizzes I used :tup – and for the pictures my band! (So many banding boffs … :D)
  • The Xmas Pressie one – type and hope. As you can see, this probably wasn’t the best method
  • The Tune Association Thread – an alarm clock couldn’t do it without one.
  • For me, the hardest one was the suitcase task – why did I choose to organise it?! (Foolish, foolish me!) Thankfully, 3/5ths of the housemates decided to help me, so it wasn’t that hard, although Super_Sop and I think too similarly, the amount of duplicates…

Right, this section could be quite lengthy, so I’m shortening each to about 20 words (right….).

2nd Man Down: Great bloke. Honestly thought you were against me, and am sorry for nominating you in the first week. Great example of someone who I would never have talked to if I’d not been in the house (no offence), but this then shows that if I hadn’t been in the house, then I’d never have made a great friend!
Groovy: Cool Scottish type person. Really random, and funky. Nice to meet you!
Jo Elson: Really sweet person. Always nice. Hope you pass your exams, and I hope that this little experiment hasn’t messed up your life!
Kate_the_Horn: Randy, randy, up for anything.. did I mention randy? Who else gives their bra size in their first message :O! Cool girl, :tup.
Seedhouse: Cool Git … can play the euphonium like a pro. Sorry to see him go right at the last minute, sorry matey…
Sellers_Bird: Nice lass, up for a laugh. Sorry about the Vodka. Really wasn’t too sure of you before the house, but this ordeal has opened my eyes, and feel ashamed of any precursive thoughts I may have thought about you.
Super_Sop: DUDE ON LEGS! Great bloke, been there through thick and thin. Made the house extremely enjoyable, the tunnel – ingenious, and thanks for taking the flack for all of my mischeviousness!
Trombelle: Nice girl, rather quiet, but nice none-the-less.
WhatSharp?: Sorry for all the grief I gave you at rehersal! Why did you nominate yourself, you were so funny, but c’est la vie (ooh, french, I must be learnèd!)

Now to the nitty-gritty. What do I honestly think of the great, the powerful BOC Brother? Overall, he’s cool, kind, compassionate, however it’s funny when his mean streak kicks in. It was nice to see some niceness when he extended task deadlines, or noted how much effort certain housemates put into the the tasks, so in that respect he was a funky monkey, but then when it came to missing letters, or apparently ‘being up to something’ he could switch. One thing that I did miss, which made the 1st week really nice was the use of the diary room, I think that BOC Brother didn’t use this room to it’s full potential, a lot of secrets, etc. could have been excavated from us in this room, if only BOC Brother had been slightly slacker in his rooms. The best thing about BOC Brother was his attention to detail and to following the rules to the ‘T’, especially in regards to the diary room, I was in fits of laughter when the chair broke, and when BB kept asking people to leave! LMAO :).

So, here we are, at the last point to prevent triggering eviction, what have I learnt?

Overall I’ve learnt that you can work as a team, even if you’re not in the same county! I’ve learned that first impressions can be extremely decieving, and that talking to people that you wouldn’t usually talk to can be an extremely rewarding experience, even if you find that they’re horrible. I can safely say that everyone that participated in tMP BB 2004 was extremely great and I really feel that I have made 10 new friends, I realise that this could sound extremely cliché-ish and corny, but I genuinely believe it, and in the case of friends, I feel that we know each other better!

One last thing, writing this little speech has really brought back some lovely memories, and I am sooo glad that I pm’d Dyl. It has been really great – my bandmates have no Idea what I’ve been on for the last 6/7 weeks, but apart from that and the psychotherapy sessions I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my study leave, shame it has to end.

A Sad Bunny. x

2nd man down

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Hi Boc Brother here is my final task entry.

What have I enjoyed?
I’ve enjoyed the challenge of getting things right with 9 people I’ve never met in my life. The real buzz is that you have no idea whether you would actually get on with these people in the flesh, but in this house we all seemed to get on really well from the start and I think we all had a lot of fun. Wasn’t half surprised that Sellers_bird was the first to go, I liked her and thought she was funny and I really thought she’d be in it for a while.

What didn’t I enjoy?
Nominations. :evil: This is really weird cos it’s only a game and it’s people I don’t know, but nominating new friends out of something that they want to win makes you feel really guilty. (Sorry guys!) :(
I can honestly say that apart from nominations there wasn’t a part of being in here that wasn’t enjoyable. I had a rough idea what would be thrown at us to make a cyber big brother work so was prepared for all the tasks when they started, and I’d already decided before I came in to try my best to make it funny if nothing else. Laughter is the worlds best tonic and there’s no better way of pulling friends together. And as it turned out everyone else was prepared to do that too, which is why I think it worked so well. :D

Tasks. :?
Hmmm there were some beauties weren’t there?
Not sure how to distinguish between tasks and forfeits here so I’m gonna list em all!!
(In no specific order BTW!)
Christmas Pressies…this was harder than it appeared as you had to think of stuff that was so obscure that no-one else would have chosen it. In hindsight we should have started cheating much earlier!!
Roger Thornes Quiz…A stinker of a quiz, amazed I passed…Thank you so much Ploughboy…MUCH cleverer than you look!
The poem…I enjoyed this one, I don’t think anyone found it too difficult (except the part about remembering what the content had to be!!
The Snow White Story…this was a lot of fun, writing cr*p is what I seem to be good at!
The Arachibutyrophobia task… was the hardest task for me l think. I volunteered to collate all the entries and make sure there was no repetition and was up until minutes before the deadline finishing it off. Everyone performed really well on this one, it was a pity BB was so picky!!
The Great little quiz…did exactly what it said on the tin (Thank you Emley Band Members for your input!!)
The acronyms task…no doubt set by Dave Payn and was not easy at all!!!
The brass suitcase…I have to confess was done by Bennyboy as I was unable to post at that time…he saved my life
The avatar task…that was good fun, and didn’t half have a laugh reading posts I’d not read before trying to find those avatars!!
There was also a 9 question test for failing the acronym task, this was quite easy and I believe everyone did their own!

Ah, now…the tune association…This is where I am forced to come clean…The three of us were in this together…Benny and Super_sop did enlist the help of some very willing overseas tMPers but this could not have worked unless I had gone along with it and stayed up till 1:30 in the morning to post the last post before our friends abroad took over for the graveyard shift. This, I think, showed initiative, guile and cunning, as well as disciplined organisation and the balls to suggest it to others in the first place and rather than punishment, I think they deserve rewarding for their actions. One thing is for cetain, you cannot single out the other two, I'm in this with them!! :(

My opinions of the housemates
Bennyboy…a great laugh and devilishly mischievous, but dedicated to the cause and willing to pullout all the stops to get the job done. A top little bloke.
Super_sop…again a great sport and with benny and Seedhouse has become a really good friend
Groovy…a sassy chick who didn’t mind joining in the fun
Sellers_Bird…was my tip to win it at first, really surprised she was the first to go
Whatsharp?…No words needed for whatsharp?, he’s a funny guy and joined in the larking about a lot more than I imagined he would
Seedhouse…great guy, one of the jokers of the pack
Kate the horn…didn’t really get chance to know Kate, nice bra (apparently!) and must thank her for all the plasters!
Trombelle…once again, didn’t get much time to know Trombelle but was always milling to join the fun.
Jo Elson…I think Jo was nice but unfortunately she didn’t seem to have enough spare time to get dragged into the fun too much

Dave Payn…Nothing needed to be said here!! The whole world knows Dave Payn by now. Top Bloke.
Kitten…didn’t half stir things up when she entered, but has ended up being my charades buddy (see BBLB kitten & 2MD only thread).
There wasn’t a single person in the house that I can say I didn’t get on with, they were all really nice people.

BOC Brother
My opinion of BB has swung as we’ve been in here, from thinking him a hard taskmaster and enjoying inflicting pain when we entered, to being a more forgiving and lenient person as time went by. His heavy handed ways of instilling discipline at first were causing a few gripes among other housemates, but I think he learned the levels to which he could exert his authority and as a result the house began to run smoother.

As for what I’ve gained?
I’ve only been registered since March and didn’t really know anyone before I entered the house, so was a bit dubious as to how this would go, but I’ve come out the other side with 11 new friends (including one charades buddy) and a lot of cuts and bruises!
I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time in the house, I hope I’ve contributed to the fun, I’m just sorry it’s coming to an end and that there can’t now be three winners.
Thanks BOC Brother, It's been great fun. :D

2nd man down
Emley Brass Band.


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Nice essay dude. i think you handled the tune association thread really well.
it certainly has been fun beeing in here with you and ben especially.and like you its a shame that somebody has to win.

im gona post a little something in the cheat thread regarding the way we all came together and decided to go along the route we took.

thnks for being a laugh mate

Thank you housemates. You've even managed to complete this one early! ;) You may be aware that this was not a 'real' task - simply a way of getting you all to write about your experiences in the competition (and an attempt to drain some honesty out of you). BB will be posting a similar 'warts and all' message when the competition is over.

Because you've managed to complete this one way before the deadline, BB has decided to set another task. But this new task will need all 3 of you to be online at the same time either today or tomorrow - for a period of 1 hour. As you are so good at talking to each other behind BB's back, please come up with 3 suitable times so that BB can arrange to be online the same time. This will be an individual task - with a reward for the winner only - a reward that may help decide the winner of tMP BB.

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