Household Troops Tour, August 2004


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The Household Troops Band on tour:
Venues and contact details (where known):

Sat/Sun 21/22 August: Blackpool Citadel (Raikes Parade)

Sat 3pm: Open Air Concert, Town Centre, Promenade

Sat 7pm: Festival at Citadel, Admission £4 (Tel 0125 362 6114)

Sunday worship 10.30 & 4.30 (Praise & Worship)

Monday 23 August: Warrington (Academy Street)

3 pm: Open Air concert, Town Centre Market

7.30 pm: Festival at SA Hall, Admission £3 (conc £2) (Tel 019 2541 753 9)

Tuesday 24 August: Guisborough

2.45 pm: Open Air concert, Marketplace

7.30 pm: Festival at Coulby Newham Cathedral, Admission £5 (conc £3) (Tel 0190 46 90 184)

Wednesday 25 August: Sheffield Citadel (Psalter Lane)

3 pm: Open Air concert, City Centre

7.45 pm: Festival in SA Hall, Admission £4 (Tel 01142 668 127)

Thursday 26 August: Peterborough Citadel (Bourges Boulevard)

3 pm: Open Air concert, Queensgate Shopping centre

7.30 pm: Festival in SA Hall promoted by the Rotary Club (Tel 017 3356 4540)

Friday 27 August: Sheringham (Cremer Street)

2.30 pm: March & Open Air concert, seafront

7.30 pm: Festival at Citadel, Admission £5 (under 13s £2.50)
(SAE to Annette Copeman, 9 Austins Grove, Sheringham, NR26 8DF)
(Further details, Tel 0126 357 7567)

Saturday 28 August: Lowestoft Citadel

3 pm: Open Air concert, Royal Green

7 pm: Festival at Trinity Methodist Church, Yarmouth Road
Admission £5 (conc £3) (Tel 0150 2539 118 or 0150 256 1179)

Sunday/Monday 29/30 August: Hadleigh Temple (London Road, A13)

Sunday worship 10 am & 6 pm (Praise Meeting)

Monday 3 pm: March and Open Air concert in Old Leigh
(Edit: note change of time!)

Monday 6.30 pm: Festival at SA Hall, Admission £5 (conc £3) - pay on the door


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Household Troops band including their first female player, Hayley Beynon, a very good horn player from Cardiff Canton :!:


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And quite the feisty red headed heartbreaker too! :lol:

All the best for the tour to any Troopers watching, hope to catch you in Warrington or Sheffield.
The Household Troops spent a day in Peterborough hosted jointly by Rotary International and The Salvation Army.

They gave an afternoon concert in the shopping centre, attracting a geat deal of attention, especially when principal cornet Ralph Brill, played the Post Horn Galop while travelling up and down the escalator!

The evening concert was split in to two halves. Firstly, set up in a quasi big band formation, playing SA swing style numbers and some Glen Miller bits and pieces.

Second half, in conventional seating, a last night of the proms with loads of flag waving and audience participation. Peterborough Citadel was packed (350 people+) with a mainly non-SA, non-banding audience who generally thought the evening was fantastic.

In addition, the band very readily fulfilled a last minute request to play to the Peterborough Citadel Band secretary at his home as he is very poorly at the present time. Without hesitation, the band agreed and formed up at the end of his road (a quiet residential neighbourhood) and marched in red tunics and white helmets to his home, much to his delight and surprise. The whole street came out (well they would do at 4.30pm on a Thursday afternoon.) and the band played a selection of marches and hymn tune arrangements in the front garden of this family for about 20 minutes or so. Not only that but the band treated this as seriously (playing and deportment) as any engagement where they may have the attention of 100's of people.

An experience more beneficial than anything the NHS could summon up on that day!

As the son-in-law of the band secretary I take off my hat (or should it be my helmet) to this band who will never truly know who much happiness they brought on that day.

Jules Cornet


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Excellent couple of days spent with the band at Hadleigh - review should shortly appear on 4barsrest. The band were obviously tired, but having spent ten days togather were playing very well, and communication was first class - well over 300 attending on both Sunday and Monday nights.

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