Horn Opinions


Lauradoll said:
Hee hee. Just trying v. hard to look brainy. Difficult I know!! Where's THAT post hee hee I've been looking everywhere for it. Peeeeeew!! What's that SMell!!!!!

Phew, deleted it! Word of warning people - don't ever try and have 2 windows open when typing a private message at the same time as a message for the entire population of the mouthpiece!!! If i hadn't noticed I could really have put my foot in it!! :shock: Anyone else ever done that?!

Aidan said:
So all you horn players can thank me now we finally have our own "La Cucaracha" car horns fitted as standard.

Aidan, that's sooo tasteless!! :roll: Surely you could have put "Spanish Flea" on instead? :D


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