Honariums, how much?

How many bands pay their conductors an Honourarium, how much do you pay, I'm not talking about fee's for Professional conductors.
Whilst I understand this is likely to be quite diverse in terms of which section you are in, the quality of conductor and what sort of financial condition the band is in etc.........Give me an idea, and what section you are in.
I feel our own conductor's honourarium amounts to little more than a bowl of rice for the amount of time he puts in.
Having said that, do you feel the conductor should recieve such a payment, after all, their are many members of Bands who work very hard for the band and recieve very little even in terms of acnowledgement ie, a 'thankyou', for their efforts, without which the Band would probably cease to function!
what do you think?

PS, Iwish someone would tell me if there is a spell checker on tmp


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Don't you believe it - there are loads of spell checkers on tMP!

Try Honorarium, pl. honoraria

My expenses from band cover the cost of my babysitter, but that's it!



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When I first took over a band I did it for nothing because I WANTED to conduct. I was 18 at the time. (Almost 25 years ago!!!!! :x )

When I left the (same) band in July last year I reckon my "fee" would get me 20 pints and 4 curries (not in the same night you understand).

I didn't care. I loved doing it. And the curries were fantastic.


We pay the conductor expenses 'cos he travels a good distance. There are lots of hard working members, but to pay them all what they deserve would break the band!

However, at Christmas I usually buy a load of gift vouchers and hand them out to those who worked hard during the year, just as a small "thank you" from the band!

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well, when I first took over, I didnt get anything, but the the band introduced honoraria for MD and secretary and we got £20 a year until 2002 and now we both get £50 a year but neither of us claim for phone calls, petrol, or expenses etc!! :wink:


My ex band (3rd section in Scotland) paid I believe £40 per night to the conductor for 1 1/2 hours which I and others found exessive as we rehearsed twice a week.
I think £10 of this was petrol expenses although others travelled nearly as far for nothing and also brought their or others children.
no other member of the band was paid any sum so I think the bands whole engagement income went to pay the conductor . In fact it was their whole income for a year and I think they probably still do pay this amount.
no doubt I will be proved wrong or told this is a fair amount but personally find it a lot for the section of band and the income generated by the same commited members(about 15) who used to turn up for the engagements
We are a second section band and pay our conductor 160.00 per month regardless of how many concerts or rehearsals we have. I think it is only fair they the conductor should be given some sort of payment. We also pay for his accomodation when we go away to contests.
The rest of the officers dont get an honorarium and we dont take money for phone calls or postage etc either. We also once a year give all players a small donation for travel expenses as a thank you for hard work.

Hope this helps


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My band pay me enough to buy around four CD's a month, if I shop carefully! Originally this barely covered my petrol costs as I lived some distance away. However, I now live a lot closer and no longer do the miles. I have given much thought to whether or not I should now refuse the 'expenses'. Whilst I conduct for the love of it and sometimes feel uncomfortable at receiving unnecessary expenses, I do believe that the fact that I am 'paid' establishes a type of professional relationship which is helpful in many ways. The people who effectively run the band are astute individuals and obviously feel the same way, since the cheques continue to appear. It is useful to be able to remind the band that they "are paying me to stand in the middle and be ignored"! I find it tends to focus a few minds.......


To be fair though even though I posted earlier a bands business is just that.In all walks of life people are paid different rates and have their perks.

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MD Expenses

Over the years I have done a fair amount of work for youth Bands both as Organising Secretary and for short periods, in extremis, as conductor.
Whilst I was working, and earning more than enough to cover any expenses, I was happy to do it all for love, and paid for postage, telephone calls stationery, and travelling expenses, and often contributed to the funds.

Now that I am no longer working, I think that I would want to have my out of pocket expenses covered.

Whilst it should be for each band to decide with the MD what should be paid, I think that the minimum offered should be to cover all out of pocket expenses. And if nothing else, a suitable gift, at Christmas, or end of season before a summer break would be appropriate.

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