Will the Sec

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I'm off to Sunny Somerset for a few days for my club's traditonal West Country tour.

Today Portisihead
Monday Weston Super Mare
Tuesday Uphill Castle
Wednesday Winsocmbe
Thursday should be at Braunton in Devon, but being a committed Fulhamite, I'll miss that to be back for band rehersal on Thursday.

If the last tour I went on is anything to go by, it'll be "Four Noble Truths? I'll settle for four !"£$%^& runs!"

Catch up with you all in a few days.

Will the Outswinger

PS Whats an "Imported_PeterBale"?


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Have a good time Will, hope you win lots (although it's the taking part that counts...)

Will the Sec said:
PS Whats an "Imported_PeterBale"?

(I'm sure that's a typo that should say "Important" ;)

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