hola amigos!!

just on holiday in gran canaria, and I had to check my emails.. have loads of time left on the counter (internet is so cheap abroad :shock: ) so thought I would say a big hello to all who know me (saves in post cards :D ). Weather is lurrrrvly and I am not one BIT looking forward to returning to rain at the weekend :x .... still, last night I watched the sunset by the ocean and it was bloody gorgeous!!... just to make ya´s jealous! And yes... I´m doing everyone proud and drinking tonnes!

See all me mateys soon.... wish you could be here (yáll know who you are!)

Moi :guiness 8) :D xXxXx

Mrs Fruity

Hola amigos from Mexico too!!!! I was just keeping my unviewed posts below 2000 and thought I´d put my oar in too.

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