Hitch Hikers

i know this is really random and off topic, but i ound something i thought i should share, so other people can go as insane as i have.

I have just found the most addictive game ever, and it is really bad, no graffics, no sounds not even a picture but it really is addictive, if you like hitch hikers you will enjoy it, if you dont then its a luagh any way. and if you get stuck or get any further then standing in front of the pile of rubble with the sub-etha signalling device let me know.


Have fun leaving his bedroom . . .


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excellent fun!! i thought this was going to be a thread about picking up random people on the street!


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Gorgeous Bari Player:
Pick up the device and examine it.

remember you are playing "hitchhikers".....

Anyone else:

To get out of bedroom, look in the gown pockets. remember you need to stop the room spinning......

Big Twigge

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hmmm, this is very frustating and addictive. Finally realised what I had to do and then with a little extra help(thanks Mr Geordiecolin) i got abit further then lost my life :cry:
But it's ok i'm sure i will play again (it gives me someone to talk to and they talk back)


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this really isn't going well... i got out of the pub i did the whole device thing and i'm in the dark unable to do anything now!!! how frustrating is this game!!??!?!?!


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ah, i just got passed that bit... look at all the things it says you CAN'T sense, and do the other remaining thing! I think that made sense... come on, it's early!


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how the %$%^ do you catch the babel fish? just when you think youve covered everything, the *&^£@ cleaning robots appear :(
i even throw my cheese sandwich at ford, and still the cleaning robot took my babel fish. and i am assuming i need the babel fish for when i am taken to the vogon captain. And what on earth does the engineer robot have to do with anything?

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