History of Brass Bands


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I have just discovered that the earliest known sound recording is actually a phonautogram of an unknown cornetist playing a scale in 1857 - 20 years before Edison and his phonograph. The earliest known recording of a human voice appeared later, in 1860. This was uncovered following research in 2008, and means that I will have to amend my article on Brass Band Archive Recordings.

Anyway, this is by way of an introduction - having been away from TMP for a while, concentrating on bits of research - to invite you to join the recently established Facebook group "History of Brass Bands". If you are merely interested in the history of banding you are very welcome to join in the discussion, and if you are actively involved in research or your own band's history we'd be delighted to hear from you on FB or here on TMP.

The IBEW, as always, provides various resources on aspects of brass band history, and I'm always happy to hear more about bands of the past - particularly if they have been overlooked hitherto!

My current focus is on the cornet/town bands of the USA, but I'm quite easily distracted by other historical nuggets that come my way - the latest being "musical postcards"!