Historical emphasising of British pride in Instrument Manufacture (Boosey in 1899)


I'm currently working on our band library (in the dark and dusty section) and have found some amazing things hidden away in the yellow/brown music.

At the back of the Selection "A Runaway Girl" arranged by J Ord Hume (dated (c)1899!!) and published by Boosey & Co. I found this statement taking up the entire back page in massive print.

"Messrs. BOOSEY & CO. wish to draw particular attention to the fact that they are bona-fide ENGLISH MANUFACTURERS, and that every Instrument used in a Military Band, with the exception of Cymbals, is made throughout at their factory in London. They find it imperatively necessary to mention this fact, as numerous houses issue catalogues which convey the impression that the Instruments they sell are made by them, whereas, in almost every instance, the Reed Instruments are imported complete from the Continent, and the essential portions of Brass Instruments, such as Valves, Bells & c., are also imported, put together in England, and sold as of British Manufacture."

Just thought it might be of interest to some of the historians out there. :)

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