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Heinz Schmidt

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Since many years I was on the search for an audio database of Brass Band LP recordings. I never found a complete list, only on the website “IBEW” I found a list with such a record list, but many of the listed albums were not complete (track list, record numbers and other informations are missing).

As part of my professional audio restoration activities of over 600 Brass Band LP recordings I create such a ‘new’ database, with exact album title, label, record number and tiles incl. original LP cover. For interested people I activated this list (as flipbook) on my server. This online book is the ‘light version’ http://wsp.audio/wdb/wvbbdb.html. My target was to create a searchable book with all available album information, and this include many more data like first release date; soloist on each album; title information’s, for example playing time, composer, arranger, conductor e.g. This database is available on USB stick; SD card or as download for Windows and Apple PC’s.

My studio restored all these historical albums in various new audio formats up to high resolution audio in the 24bit/192kHz or DSD format for playback on the new high-resolution audio players. Any typical analogue noises like clicks and crackles are removed from the original productions.

End of this year I will publish a similar audio database for over 800 Salvation Army records worldwide.

Maybe that some members of this forum interested in such a database. Contact: info@wsp.audio
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John Brooks

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As a customer, I can commend Heinz and his services to all who are interested in these historical recordings. Through Heinz, I've been able to revitalize much of my collection. I had initially purchased the LP's and attempted to digitize them much later. I did not possess high end audio equipment and suffice to say my attempts were variable at best and the wobble of some pressings, the pop, crackle and surface noise of the last playing were essentially left because of my own and software limitations. They were as I remembered them.

The restoration process used by Heinz realizes amazing results and I've not been disappointed in any way.

Happy hunting to those interested.

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