hints and tips?


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i think I have 3, but one doesn't really count as it's a "squeeze out that top G before I pass out" embouchure... I try not to change too much, since mr remington said it were bad, but come on, who's going to notice eh??


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A 'high note embouchre' is not 'another' embouchre, although slight adjustment will help if one is playing a high note section, ie where the music asks for notes above top C/D. It is where the bottom lip almost goes inwards, and the top lip is tightened to allow a rapid buzz - HOWEVER -not a pursing of the lips, there must still be good lip flexibility, and a full sound.

That's my explanation anyway.

The 'high note embouchre' king has to be Maynard Ferguson. Having said that, have you ever heard his gravelly tone in the bottom register!!!


I find that to be true as well. I miss practising for a day and the next time i play the sound is better than usual.


satchmo shaz

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.......just repeating what the others have said really....
practice every day
warm up properly
lots of lip slurs, try Charles Collins lip flexibilities :wink:
just to add advice to anyone wanting to know the answer other than me,.
my MD says to buzz a lot and always warm up.. which i always try to do but sometimes forget. After a more concerted effort of trying it a couple of times seems to be working.
So to add to the list of:
1/practice, practice, practice,
4/ Buzz!
5/ always warm up
6/ lip slurs
7/ practice
8/ magice kingdom - golden mouthpiece - cant forget that one (anyone got a map)
9/ practice
10/ miss a day before concert to relax
and finally not to forget more practice!

thank you!! (sorry if i missed any!)