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January 6, 2022 · eBay · £950.00​
johnpeter said - Hawkes and Son Denman Street Clippertone Cornet On Ebay [link] [link]
December 29, 2021 · eBay · £555.00​
johnpeter said - Yamaha Cornet YCR-4330GII On Ebay [link] [link]
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January 09, 2022 * 3 posts * 69 views
DaveR said: So sorry to hear that Peter Bale has passed away - he was such a nice man and such a cornerstone of the tMP family. My condolences to his friends and family. Read more >>
January 06, 2022 * 1 post * 0 views
johnpeter said: Hawkes and Son Denman Street Clippertone Cornet On Ebay [link] [link] Read more >>
January 05, 2022 * 1 post * 0 views
David Pegram said: Chinnor Silver are looking for a 2nd trombone.Rehearsals on a wednesday with more as required. message me here for more details. Read more >>
December 24, 2021 * 1 post * 0 views
davidf said: My son plays 1st cornet in a 4th section band. His band cornet came with a 2B mouthpiece but I was wondering if he might be better suited with something like a 4B. He finds a G ... Read more >>

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