Highest score at Tetris?


.... I'm talking about the original game boy version of course - Game A... We've all played it at some point, but who has the highest score on tMP.com?

I'll start the bidding at something over 300,000 points and about 244 lines

do i win billy-no-mates-spends-more-time-playing-gameboy-than-having-fun-wierdo of the year?

*disclaimer" it was an "escape" from 4 years of "revising" for uni exams


I am also a Tetris sad geeky master!

I have a version for PC and after a while the score starts going backwards! Bizarre.

However, just tonight on a feeble attempt I managed over 375 lines starting on the highest level and with the highest level of rows that you can start with!

I challenge anyone to a game of Tetris. Even you timbloke!!

(Grand Master in the making)


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Haven't played the Game Boy version, but surely the original arcade version should be the benchmark?

I've always been a fan of Tetris. Can't remember my best score, but the game lasted well over 4 hours...

There's a good version in the arcade at www.retrochat.com. Unfortunately, my score of a million and a half (or thereabouts) was lost when they last reset the high score table.

Unlike some versions of Tetris, though, there's an ending to it. That took a good hour to play through! And the last level, you need 999 lines, so altogether I think I must have got 1200 lines or so. (Not as many as on the 4 hour game)

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