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I am principle cornet/acting MD for the Escafeld Brass Band, Sheffield.

I began playing with the band when I was 9, i had never held a brass insrument and the closest I got to playing and reading music was playing 'London's Burning' on the recorder! I tried out the cornet, NO CHANCE, i couldn't get a C out of it. SO i went to Tenor Horn and learnt to play on there. After a year i moved into the band on 3rd Tenor Horn and moved my way up the ranks there.

Then i took a strange jump onto Solo Cornet as we were short there and I had (finally) learnt to play it!!!, from there i went onto Soprano, then after time back onto Solo.

Then the band went through its 'rocky' patch, losing our MD and just recently our Assistant MD and over 25 players, to be honest if you want to know all this go to the 'why bands fold' forum (i'm sure you don't ewant to be bored with all the details.

The band has performed at many events throughout Yorkshire and furhter afield. We have played with The Bolsterstone Male Voice Choir infront of 2,000 people (at 11 years old it was very intimidating) and I believe the high point, so far, although numerous band outings have provided many memorable moments!!!!!!

I also play rugby for Dinnington and have been asked to play for the Scottish U19 team, it proves that you can still enjoy banding and have time for other hobbies!!

Anyway i'm going to shut up now because I'm sure your bored by now.




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Hi there and :hi.

My, my, you do sound busy.:) Let hope you have time to come back and visit us again and enjoy your time on tMP. All the best with bringing your band back up to full strength.