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I'm makin my debut here!! I'm 15, play bass trombone and live in a wee town, Campbeltown in Scotland. My days just now are spent at schools, playing my bone (honest!!) and revising for prelims in November. Useless!! I do a brass band show on o local radio station too. Frank Renton stand aside!!!

Log on to http://www.campbeltownbrass.co.uk/



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Hi Mark and welcome,

Been to Campbell Town a few years ago and we definatley want to go back there again. We stayed at Macrihanish at a campsite there and enjoyed the food at the local pub there. What a breath taking scenery there!
I must say that Campbell town is a very friendly town and if you know anybody from Redknowles B&B send them our regards. Just mention to them the couple that walked all the way up to the Mull Off Kintyre. They might remember us as they gave us a lift back in a relative's mini bus.

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Has anyone else visited Campbeltown, maybe even heard Campbeltown Brass? It's on the west coast of Scotland, on the Kintyre peninsula. Many moons ago, a young Russell Gray appeared as a guest soloist, and many others have visited the town and worked with the band. Morvern Gilchrist of Black Dyke used to be of our band. Any memories of the town?

Mark. :p