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Having been 7 hours behind the majority of tMPers in Colorado just a few weeks ago I now find myself 11 hours ahead in sunny, lovely Melbourne :) Work decided to send me here on Tuesday so I left at 19:15 from Edinburgh and arrived almost exactly 24 hours later (plus almost half a day :? ) in what is one of the nicest cities I've ever visited.

I really wanted to ask the non-UK / Ireland based tMPers how they manage to contribute sensibly to the threads coz I find it difficult to keep up when the time differences throw everything out of sync.

Time for bed now I think - eyes have been wanting to shut for a while now... :)


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I'm on the east coast of the US, so I'm five hours behind GMT. It's a little difficult to keep up with some of the threads because of the time difference, but it's not too bad. The ones I really care about I use the "watch" feature, but this isn't really useful if the thread is really popular.

I also make use of the "posts since last visit" feature. Normal routine is to hit the forum in the morning, check for posts that I might want to answer, then get out. I generally check back eery couple of hours, using the "new posts" feature again. I don't seem to miss too much that way.

There are a fair (and growing) number of non-UK/Ireland-based members, many of whom might be active when you are.
A quick shout-out from the Central U.S. time zone...6 hours behind the GMT area folks.

Don't have any good advice for you here...I'm just a tMP Newbizzle (for shizzle)..and usually only able to log on well after 5 pm here (11 pm GMT, I think?). Sometimes I try to sneak a quick peek at the lunch hour, though.

Anyway...Hope it's a fun trip. Have a safe ride home.


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Melbourne is well cool (not in the temperature sense though - 29C yesterday and a cooler 26C today). If it wasn't for customer meetings it'd be a great trip. I do get the whole weekend to myself though including a local Monday holiday - woo hoo! :) Formula 1 is in town this weekend so there are race fans and team members all over the place.

Now if only I was here with my girlfriend instead of one of our business development guys... :D

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Bruce Bruce Bruce Bruce Bruce.....

you haven't seen Australia's best yet mate!! Melbourne is our armpit!!! yopu need to see our deep blue (coral Reef) eyes!!! Or our well shaped (National Parks) hair!! What about our well defined nose and chin (various montain ranges and such)!!! And most importantly, our best features are in Tasmania (keep using the human body metaphore :wink: )

I have my options set to GMT +10 (no daylight saving in Qld) so I can see the times. Sometimes I wake up and around 10:30'ish I get onlinbe and find a massive list of unread replies. Because while I slept for 8-10 hours,m you guys all came home form work and sat on the internet until...Naruco's on now, and would be 1:30 over there!!! I take all day, and pop in every so often to catch the night owls and early risers, and got o bed just as the lunchtime users are popping online.

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Let's face it...if you disagreed Ted, I woulda thumped you one...even if I had to wait until the next time Brisbane hosts the nationals!


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Okiedokie of Oz said:
I thought it was Manchester where all the dirty factories were???
I think most of them have closed now and been converted into luxury apartments or shopping malls :shock: :wink:


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indeed, manchester is the height of loveliness these days... birmingham doesn't even sell non-extra cold guinness...

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