Hi from Brisbane Australia

Aussie Tuba

Hi I am Aussie tuba
my real name is Ken i play EEb bass in Bundamba SA Band 35 klms sw of Brisbane, I work at the Salvation Army Riverview Farm as a Vocational trainer teaching Wood working skills. We also have a small staff band here at work and play at small concerts in our own right around south east Oueensland.
My main Band has just done a tour of Christchuch in NewZealand over a long weekend, It was a bit rushed bet a good experience.
I have been a member of TMP for quite some time but have recently re started visiting the site .


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Hi Ken - was only thinking we'd not heard much from you lately!

Seeing you're working as a woodwork tutor, I don't know whether you've come across the Hadleigh Training Centre's website, which may be of interest:

Looking forward to more contributions in the future