hey everybody


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hey everyone i am honk, most people who know me in brass banding know me as this at least. I am a 19 year-old student who lives in edinburgh, I play with Dalkeith and Monktonhall brass band as one of there eeb bass players. I am studying civil engineering at edinburgh and work saturdays which is hell try to get them of for contests. Thats all anyone needs to know so i will end there.


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Hey Honk! You're not Honk from NYBBS are you? If so, hey it's Eilidh Brian here, euph player also known as Campbeltown Girl lol! How have you been?


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Honk - legend! It's Katy aka Molly here, hope to see you in Edinburgh in a couple of Fridays when there is some music lol.


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hey katy, where were you and your brother this week? we actually had euph music for you to play. o well maybe cya at band another time.


Hi Honk.

I don't know you, but every body on here seem to be a right friendly bunch, so.... Welcome to Mouthpiece.com.