Hepworth, a top class act.

2nd man down

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I played at Brighouse March contest yesterday and the band head and shoulders above the rest were Hepworth.
The adjudicator said before the results were read out that he had never heard any march played as well in his life as he had heard today from the winning band, and I have to agree, I don’t think the Wizard can be played better than that.
Impycornet, Hopi bari, Well Worth it, January man and the rest (sorry if I missed some!), you sounded brilliant. A well deserved 196 points.

And I’d like to extend a thanks to Darth_Tuba and Yorkie19 for making up our quickly assembled Eb bass section at such late notice, thanks guys.

Well Worth It

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Well 2md, it'll be blatantly clear to the observant, that the difference was made by Mike Everett, our very own Eb Bass, who not only secured our win single-handedly, but also helped out Pennine who came in second.
Good Skills mate!

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