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I could very much need some tips on transposing.

The band I' m playing with is going to play a piece where the tuba part is missing (an earlier tubist probably didn't return his part), so I have to play the bass clarinet part.

This part, however, is written in treble clef in G major and for a Bb instrument (bass clarinet). I play an Eb tuba and really don't know how to play it. Yes I am a newbie.

I' m going to 'rewrite' the part using a piece of software, even though it is a big job.

What I need is the 'formula' for transposing it so it will be easier for me to play on the Eb tuba. G clef is ok as I can add the needed b' s (3) for playing it as a F clef part. If possible also to F clef.

Hope someone can help me on this and that I am not making a fool of myself.

Thanks in advance.

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Jan Bergersen



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Copy it out as written using your software then transpose it down a perfect fourth, including the key signature (which should become D major).

So a written G on the second line of the treble stave would become D below the treble stave.

If you're a bass clef reader, do as above but no need to transpose; changing the clef from treble to bass (and adjusting the octave, if necessary, depending on your software) should take you into F concert pitch.

Hope this is helpful!


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