Help with flugel mouthpiece comparisons.


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Can anyone tell me the comparisons between the JP604 flugel mouthpiece and the various yamaha models please? I want to choose one that has a smaller rim than the JP604 but still has a deep cup. I've always prefered Yamaha mouthpieces over Denis Wick but i've not got the chance to try any - what would people recommend?

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If I were trying to do the same then (if unable to borrow and measure the JP 604) I'd be tempted to call Packers and ask an expert there what the equivalent Yamaha and Wick models are. There's a potential sale in it for Paker's so I'd be surprised if they were not keen to help, in my limited experience of them they're good to deal with.

A note of caution. Whilst their model numbers might remain the same I believe that the shape and dimensions of mouthpieces from a well known US brand have changed over the years - a (maybe any) manufacture's model number can be a guide rather than a definitive and (dimensionally) fixed description.

General dimensions, but not depth, for Wick and Yamaha mouthpieces are available on line.
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Flugel horn mouthpieces are admittedly not my area of expertise, but it might be worth checking out the manufactures websites. I have helpfully put some links in below:

Please don't forget to let us all know how you get on.
Problem with comparisons is that different manufacturers measure diameter at different distances into the cup. Also the high point on the rim may be further from the inside edge making it feel bigger than it might measure as. Then, as was mentioned, some manufacturers have had consistency issues over the year (including Wick, although they seem to be on top of that now). The whole selection issue is fraught with difficulty.


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Selection of Flugel mouthpieces is subject to an additional complication, which is that different makes have different tapers (on the outside of the shank), and not all flugel mouthpieces fit all receivers ...
The best thing with mouthpieces is to go and try some at a shop with a good selection. Sometimes you are surprised at the results. I've also found it's best to not look too much at what you are trying and just have a blow, as you will have preconceptions about what size etc. you "should" be playing, as opposed to what you actually need to be playing on. I'm a tromboner, but in the space of 12 months I've gone from playing on a 9 sized rim, to a 4, despite my previous belief that my embouchure worked better with smaller rims. I've not lost any range, but suddenly I have the tone that I've been looking for, and my endurance has actually slightly increased.

Play testing - you cannot beat it!