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I have recently changed embouchure shape and mouthpiece position, and am having difficulty now slurring, and my lower range is much harder to get. I know these will develop over time with consistent practice on them, but wondered if anyone could provide any advice for me, as this is the first time that i've had to do this, and I need to get back "on track" and up to my previous standard. How long will this take? (I practice about 2 hours a day)
I've had it altered for just under a week now, I know that's too short a time to expect dramatic improvement, but wish now to seek the advice of my fellow tMPers!

Dave Euph

I think you pretty much answered the question yourself, just practise and let it come over time. Low notes to me have become pretty solid just by playing them all the time, usually in warming-up to get the blood circulating.
Take a look at the "Review" section of out £25 or so......on Roddys "Embouchure Enhancement".......all your questions are answered there.

I did it and was so impressed I backed it up with a three hour leson with girlfirend had the same lesson about three weeks ago (her Christmas present lol) WORKS.

Would you like to be in the position that you practise less than an hour a day (with a compulsory day off) AND you can so obviously hear the difference in your playing daily?

Roddys books main theme is that when you watch your hero play - you say "he/she makes it look so easy" - well it it is TO THEM - and if its hard for you, you aint doin it right...........

Don't wish to sound hard or abrasive here - but just try it. If anyone is really serious about playing a brass instrument, get the books - they are a real revelation. You will never play the same again - cos you will be THINKING about what you are doing as you play.

Take a look at the other reviews..............

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