Help on nerves!!!!


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If your not confident in yourself, then its up to you to change that! You are always sure you are going to mess up, (see all above posts!) you won't if you practise enough. You are good enough to be playing the part in the band - because if you were not up to it then you would not be asked to play it! You just need to believe in yourself and be confident. Maybe record yourself playing a piece you're really good at, then listen to it again and think "I'm a blimmin brilliant cornet player!"
Hope this helps & have fun :D

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I was once told that the best way to combat nerves, is to try to concentrate on just one thing. Once you can play the part, and are on a stage, or rehearsal, try to listen to the sounds you are producing, and try to improve on them I have tried, and it does seem to work, I was told that it's something to do with the way you breathe, and then exhale, which slows your heart beat down slightly.
For drying up on the stand, theonly one I have ever used, is to bite your tongue, it opens saliva glands in your mouth..

Good Luck, and Keep On Trying..
:lol: :lol: :lol: Thaks for the help but i think it might justbe confidence becasue of all thats happening and people not likein me playing my cornet i think its threw my confidence alot. I need to stop thinkin about that i will have to tlk to my teacher in my lesson tomoz. Thanks everyone but its all about confidence and when it comes to that its about building it i think. If anyone heres me say i am rubbish you have to Shout at me.
Hi Donna.

Unfortunately nerves are something only you (each individual) can conquer on their own. Sometimes it's like fighting demons! When I was a bit younger I used to get terribly nervous until one day I thought to myself, I have worked hard at rehearsals and I don't want to throw that away. Sometimes you wonder how other people do it. It's just getting up and playing a solo or whatever over and over again get used to doing it. You won't get it perfect every time. Nerves can get the better of anyone from time to time. But remember to enjoy yourself. That's what it's all about.
i am in a similar boat.

whenever i have to play any solo(ish) passage i get very nervous
especially if i have to stand out the front as a soloist (i physically shake!).

i'm trying to find ways to combat this at the moment, mainly by limited exposure (i have requested a cornet feature in the next band pad) so hopefully this will help.

the only advice i can give is, if you make a mistake, don't beat yourself up about it, everyone makes mistakes (especially me!)

other than that, see if you can get hold of a copy of "the inner game of music".
it deals with the psycological side of playing music (for all forms of music).

hope this helps.



Hmmm. A lot of good advice and some that....well shall we just leave it as some that. I am one of the fortunate ones that has never suffered with nerves and I think that the reason why is this: It is all down to your frame of mind. Lets take concerts first. A lot of people do not get nervous at concerts because there is no pressure. Nine times out of ten I have found that people are nervous because they are unsure of their part in a particular piece. This can only be put right by the player. If you have a tricky or exposed part, practice it until you are confident on it. if you play a hymn tune you are not nervous so why should a cadenza or solo be any different? You are confident on a hymn as it is notationally easy. You can be just as confident on any piece as long as you have looked at your part and practiced it.
Contests. No-one should be nervous at a contest. You have practiced your part for 6-8 weeks continually. You know the piece and your part inside-out, backwards and upsidedown. When you get on the contest stage you are playing for a small amount of time (compared to playing a full concert), you should go on that stage with the attitude of being there to entertain the audience and showing how well you can play the piece. I know that this may sound a little cocky but you do know your part, and you do know the piece. As far as getting nervous of an adjudicator, well what is the point of getting nervous of someone that you can't even see.
My advice is to get on that stage with the attitude that you are going to entertain and don't think of anything else.
It does work, I have cured several peoples nerves over the years with this approach.
Another good one for a dry mouth (I personally do not like to see bottles of water on stage as it looks amatuerish), is to gently bite your tongue, as this will start the saliva flowing.
Hope that this will of some help to some of you.
Good Luck.
Thanks Kev that probly helped but we wont now till the actual Contest. Hopefully none of my nighmares come true (ie the sickness and the daft ajudicators results.) Anyways i had betta go thanks again all. :D I feel :oops: now


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dont worry, i get really nervous too. the best way is to go out onto the sage and think to yourself, i'm here to have a good time. take a few deep breaths and go for it! jus dont imagine the audience naked.... u very rarely get a group of fit young lads, its usually the more mature ladies and gentlemen................. :shock: nuff sed :p
For what its worth........this helps me a lot.......

I have got to be one of the most nervey players.....

On the day of the concert/contest whatever - as soon as you feel those nerves, start to do EVERYTHING at half speed........

If I am doing a solo (standing in front of the band) - my nerves often kick in the moment I start to get ready ie putting the band trousers and bow tie on.

Just do everything VERY slowly....walk to the car slowly......keep very calm.

I think that I read about this "method" in a golf mag - a pro golfer had just won a major and was asked how he kept his nerves under helps me a lot. I am still megga nervous, but not to the point of shaking!

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:? Just had a sectional on tristan...

First like 15 minutes i was physically shaking! Even though i know i can play the majority of the piece...ugh...come contest day, nerves are gonna be a BIG problem... :?

Oh dear!

Confidence has to be the key word...must build confidence...must build...

A J Foad

As for dealing with 'dry mouth', ask yourself this. Where does all the saliva go? It doesn't just disappear! It leaves your mouth because you swallow. When you are a bit nervous, just about to go on stage, you can hear the previous band getting on to the last page, many people swallow - force of habit, call it what you will. Make a concious effort to NOT swallow. You will soon find that it is not a problem of saliva production - it is saliva retention!

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