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Hello me and my mate are o MSN at the moment and we are havin a discussion on how many posts = the ammount of musical notes you are. I am 2 and i am about 142 after i post this and i am on 2 and hes on about 156 and on 2 but we dunno how it changes. Can anyone help. Or do u not now either. Thanks. :lol:


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lilcornetgirl said:
Thanks that was a help now hes got anotha question.

[17:15:59] ;)(H)MÂ$TER : how dya becum a moderator?

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Hehe, you don't become a Moderator by choice - you're invited.... :wink:


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Please be aware here guys that the 'post count' figure doesn't mean it's a competition! It's merely a guide to how 'active' a user may be. However, they are only indicative, and might not tell the whole story. For example, a high proportion of a user's posts might be one word replies such as 'lol', :wink: , :lol: or :p - which somehow defeats the object of the post count figure (as well as cost more £ in relation to bandwidth usage). Rule 8 b) of tMP also guards against the use of posts made purely to 'up' one's count.


i am fully aware :) thanks alot, no competition at all.... This is the only place i can talk about banding.
This musical note thingy dont show how many hours your on here for because i am like addicted to the tinternet just because i dont post dont mean i dont come on. I dont post alot becasue i have loke only got to wsay :D and loads more.

Im like always online though checking out the posts and all that.

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