Help - Name that tune!!

Hi, need help here naming a tune. I heard it a long time ago on listen to the band but I dont have a recording of it, know who its by or more importantly the name. The tune is in my head so I've spent a couple of mins with sibelius jotting down a few notes - the basic tune is there would appreciate if anyone knows what it is.

[url] [/url]

click link - should download - its quite a bad representation - sorry.


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It is a bit err!! - difficult ti interpret !!
It sounds a bit like something from "Strange Encounters" - are you sure you are not being contacted by an alien life form ??
It is possible, I am on the close encounter higher counsel.

I just jotted a few notes down, chord at begining is wrong and I cant get style out of sibelius but the basic tune is there - I thought it was somthing called love song - but I bought one with that title and thats not it.

It was on listen to the band one evening when they were playing alternative wedding tunes.
Was it a long long time ago you heard the tune?

If it was just a few months ago, you may find the listing for the relevent programme on

Type LTTB into the search box and you should get some links to their LTTB listings. A quick trawl through these may solve your mystery.

It was year ago - I will try and record a better version for people to listen to and post it. To be fair I find it difficult to recognise it from the midi.


I played the midi to my dad and he reckons it's 'the tune cat died on' or possibly 'the piano's on me foot'
yeah, yeah I get the point. I can currently play a scale of C on the piano - I reckon in about 20 years I maybe able to reproduce it.

House mate, piano geek boy, is moving in next month, will get him to reproduce a coherent version and will repost.

Watch this space.

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