Help me make my fortune!


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Very true. I am very interested to see how it turns out anyway, since I may have a go at something on there myself... :roll:



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sunny_jimbob said:
akwarose said:
i really want one!!!
i just cant afford it... and that is no lie, or exaggeration. I have exactly £0.72 in my bank account :(

but i still really want that sculpture!!!!!!! :p
Surely you can go out busking or something, play a few christmas carols. Sure someone will shout 'it's only March' and give you a few bob to go elsewhere! Youth of today, eh. No initiative! :wink:
you clearly have not heard my playing.... people will be paying me to shut the *bleep* up.............*grabs cornet and sprints to high street with carol book* i'll be right back :p


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Next time, however, you should include a suitably stupid description of your piece. Anything to do with showing the corruption inherent in capitalism or expressing your fears for the future of humanity via a poo on a plate or some such rubbish.

That'll really convince them it's art! :p