Help Me, Horn needed for Entertainment Contest


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Need a Horn player for the forthcoming Rhyl entertainment contest due to a very badly planned holiday :? Wire Brass are based in Warrington and are entering the 2nd and top sections at this contest, so we need to use a day transfer from no higher than a 2nd section band. Cheers 07947846048
WHERE ARE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi I'm solo horn foresters brass band in Leicester... I might be able to help you but I don't know where abouts you are :? give us a bell with some more info and I'll see what I can do.

oh some some more info about me though... I'm 18 play to grade 8/recital level I don't drive yet (still got test to go) and I live in Melton Mowbray (15 miles north east of leicester)

Martin... (on friends profile thingy ma jig)


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Might be a bit tricky Martin, Wire are up my end of the world, and no you can't crash here twice a week! Although I can understand you taking any offer to leave foresters... :wink:

Trace C

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Hey all, its trace! i would have said i was interested but u being so far away makes it slightly hard to make rehearsals, sorry! :? good luck finding someone anyway! :)


I would help but I'm in the wrong section too.

Try Poulton-le-fylde Band and Blackpool band they have two very good horn players if you are struggling.

Contact me if you require any further info.


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horn needed for rhyl.... when is rhyl????

I havent actually played for 6 months and have no longer got an instrument but i am sure its just like riding a never forget. when is the contest you want a dep for???or has it been and gone. sorry, but been out of the band scene since leaving leyland at xmas .cheers donna

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