Help me find: Bubble and Squeak


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Hi guys,
Am looking for a Bb duet called Bubble and Squeak, or Bubbles.
I have no clue who it is by, but am trying to find it, and am pleading the members of tMP to help me! :roll: :wink:
So any help on finding it to purchase/ if anyone's band has copies, would be most useful!
Cheers guys,

Okiedokie of Oz

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dunno about you guys, but I usually find Bubble and Squeak in the frozen good section at the supermarket :p

To be honest, I've never heard of it, but have you looked through some of the publishers? Maybe if you can work out where you saw it/heard of it first, you can chase it up that way??


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I remember watching a video years ago of a northern irish band program ,with bands like 1st old boys , templemore , strabane and these bands usually played with a guest soloist...I remeber James Fletcher playing " Tuba Tapestry " and " flight of the bumble bee " , a young looking Alan Morrison with curly scouse perm playing " Bride of the Waves " and the " Harry James concerto for trumpet "
one piece that stuck out as cheesy as a stilton buttie was a piece for tuba and picc trumpet called " Bubble and Squeek "....try Just music in Falkirk , am sure you can get it from there....foxtrot between friends is a good duet if you want something different..just a thought...ta


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Have found it on Just Music, but am unsure of whether it is the correct copy, can anyone else provide any help?


The Bubble and Squeak which I have is for Bass Trombone and Eb Soprano and it was performed by then the BNFL Band which featured Monkey and Alan Super Sop Wycherley for the Brass In Concert Contest
It was arranged by a guy called Graham Walker and it was especially done for the BNFL Band it took me great lengths and numerous phonecalls to get hold of a set of parts and unfortunatley I cannot give you a set as would be in breach of copyright
Your best bet would be to contact Gary Westwood at Leyland and see if you can open up a dialogue with them
Good luck

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