Help! In need of PC technical advice!


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Hope someone can help me.
I've just bought a game from EBay, but my laptop only has 570k free base memory, and I need 580k to run it. According to my memory details I have 0k free upper memory. I've tried looking around on the net, but, to be frank, all the help guides on this seem to be in a dialect of Martian that I'm unfamiliar with!!! :shock:
Anyone know how to help in English?
I tend to be a little underinformed on matters technical (as anyone who has heard me play will vouch for) :oops:


I'm assuming that your running the game with Windows still loaded.
Make sure that all other programs are shut down, this includes virus checkers and the like. If that doesn't work, try exiting to MSDOS and run the game again.


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sounds like an old DOS issue alright..

you are going to have issues running this on win2K/XP

First off, as tubatu says, exit windows completely, and start up PC in DOS

what you will need to do is load an extended memory manager (HIMEM.EXE) is usual in your system auto execution script, and make sure that as many programs and TSR(terminate and stay resident) executables are loaded into extended/expanded memoory as possible.
I seem to remember there being an old DOS utility that would try to do some of this for you (variation on mem ?) but can't think of it off hand.

Either way, requires a lot of fiddling. Havign said that, I did manage to set my old 386 up with 622K free conventional memory, which was quite an achievement


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Doesn't Windows have legacy support for all of this kind of software?

If you go into the properties of the file, you should be able to adjust the memory settings. Increase them to around twice the amount you need. Virtual Memory should do the rest.

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