Sold/Expired Help!! Flugel/trumpet dilemma!!

My first post! How exciting!! Be gentle with me!

Hi everyone!
I need some help. I'm wanting to buy a new trumpet (one of a professional standard i think!).
With me playing flugel more frequently than trumpet, i want a trumpet that wouldn't be a complete contrast from playing the flugel. This is because in school concerts where both the orchestra and brass band perform, i have to swap in a matter of minutes! :shock: I was thinking perhaps of a large bore trumpet but i really dont have much of a clue :? I just want one that's free blowing really- no pea-shooters!!
Any ideas on makes or models?
Any help at all would be warmly welcomed!!!!

Or anyone selling an instrument that you think would fit the bill?

Dawn x x


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Hi Dawn

Thanks for visiting and registering with us here - and a big welcome to tMP.

You've made your first post at a time when a lot of folks here are out on the razz or with family etc... don't be too disappointed if you don't get many replies in a short time.

I am certain that you'll get loads in due course....

Come on folks.. prove me wrong... :)


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Hi Dawn..the Yamaha pro model has a good dark sound. I played flugel, cornet and trumpet and preferred my yamaha mark2. I am sure some of the big shops would let you try them out.
Anyway good luck and Merry Christmas to you ..................especially as it's your 1st post on tMP.
If you are lucky to find an Olds Recording trumpet go for it alternatively look at a Bach 37 Strad....using a Bach 1 1/4c mouthpiece or it's equivalent will help to give you a nice big sound. Give Leigh a ring at First Class Brass 01582 671358 I believe he has quite a few used trumpets there. :lol: :wink:


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I reccomend the Bach Strad too, I played it along with Flugel and Cornet with no problems.

If swapping with Flugel it would help a lot if you get a deep trumpet mouthpiece. I actually used a Bach Flugel mouthpiece (can't remember the number, had FL on the end!) on the Trumpet.

Good luck, and welcome to tMP!
thanks for your replies everyone!
I have been told of the greatness of both the yamaha and the bach strads,
i've actually tried my friends strad and i didn't really reckon much to it for how much it costs! :oops: sorry. But hers has really bad valves!!!
Do you hear of any common problems with them or is hers just an isolated incident? Another of my friends has one and his is fantastic so i don't really know what to think!
but...... on your advice i've decided i'll go to a shop and try out one of theirs. I'm sure hers is just a bad one :wink: I trust you guys! I have been told by far too many people to count how good they are so i'll check it out!
I've also been told about how good value for money the yamaha are. Particulary the YTR6335II. Anyone have any ideas?
Anyone selling any of the discussed instruments?? :wink: :lol:

Dawn x x
oooooo and while i remember, anyone have any thoughts on the Courtois trumpets? My flugel is Courtois and i dunno, there may be similarities there!!! 8)

Thoughts please!!

Dawn x x


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Never had valve trouble on mine, best thing is to try a couple out to make sure you dont get a duff one (which happens far too often for my liking, there ought to be trading standards on instruments!)

I sold mine back at Easter I'm afraid, you should be able to get a decent secondhand one for 500-600, but apparantly Bach trumpets have been getting very cheap recently!


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Hi Dawn yeh the YTR6335II was the trumpet I had and I found it excellent value for money as well.
I tried the Bach and the Yamaha and preferred the Yamaha. It all depends on what sound you are looking for. Both Bach and Yamaha are excellent instruments...try them both out and pick what you prefer.

I played on a Stork Vac. mouthpiece on the cornet/flug/trpt. It was screw rim/backbore but have given it to a pupil of mine now.
As you can see I am now on horn and loving it :wink:
Dawnys_flug said:
oooooo and while i remember, anyone have any thoughts on the Courtois trumpets? My flugel is Courtois and i dunno, there may be similarities there!!! /quote]
There is a Courtois EVII for sale on the Trumpet Forum...the seller is from Northampton...I have his email somewhere if you are keen to try it out. I bought a Strad off him about 2 months ago and it's a cracker! He is asking £1500 for the Courtois....looks beautiful....don't know about the playing of it though. :D :lol:
Moy said:
I played on a Stork Vac. mouthpiece on the cornet/flug/trpt. It was screw rim/backbore but have given it to a pupil of mine now.
As you can see I am now on horn and loving it :wink:

Yeh Moy, my teacher has mentioned the screw rim mouthpieces! They are a great idea!! I think i'm gonna go for one of them!! Any idea where i can get them from? because i've not seen them around in any shops i've been to. Is there only one company that makes them? As you can tell, i haven't researched into them yet!! :wink:
But your info seems to be much more helpfull!! :lol:

And i'm glad you're enjoying playing horn! I must admit i do have a soft spot for it! Maybe sometime in the future i'll be dawnys_horn!!!

Thanks for your help

Dawn x x


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I got mine direct from America, but I know that Band Supplies in Scotland can get them, so I suppose the Leeds Branch should as well.
Good luck anyway. :wink:

I recently bought a brand new Holton Maynard Ferguson 370SL from America through ebay. It is absolutely fantastic. I used to own a Strad. But we just didn't get along. I love my Holton. I also play other instruments. I play a Courtois Chambord XXL cornet, soprano and flugel.

Check out ebay for good deals on new and second hand instruments. You can save a lot. However, you may have to pay import tax on any instruments that are from abroad. I did, but then I still got my trumpet for half the price of a new one in the UK.



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I play flugel, trumpet and cornet on a regular basis, and I dont really have a major problem swapping, even if only within a couple of bars. But I suspect that may have something to do with the fact that my trumpet mouthpiece is getting on for being as big as my denis wick 2FL flugel mouthpiece!

For the record I play a sovereign flugel and a Taylor London trumpet (check out my site, link in signature, the home page has a pic if you dont know about or havnt heard of these trumpets)

On the topic of a good trumpet, I have never played anything that has come close to my Taylor. They are made by Andy Taylor, in Norwich, and are amazing. They are heavyweight instruments, are free blowing and sound beautiful, and play like dream. I have had mine since just before xmas and am now realizing it's true potential. They feel really free, have larger than normal bells, and the extra weight, all of which give it a beautifully dark tone and a great "feel".

And with the strads, they are nice instruments (though have doubled in price since my teach bough one 15 years ago and the design hgasnt changed) though they are prone to a large variation in quality, never buy one wivout having played and tested it first.

satchmo shaz

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hi dawn, I play a strad flug which blows like a dream, a strad trumpet but also a customised pink olds trumpet which blows well too, I also play a yam maestro cornet (when I have time!). Both the strads and the olds are older models so blow better, but its personal choice. as for mouthpeices I use a VB 8& a half on my cornet, an unknown on me trumpets although I have got a VB matching one and I use a VB flug mouthpeice , which is fairly close to the cornet one! :wink:

anyway see ya soon


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Hi Dawn, I have a Bach Flugel and I love it. I use a 1Fl mouthpiece with it - hard work getting up above the stave but if you play every day it's ok.

Trumpet - Bach trumpets are good - I used one at school many moons ago but recently used to use my ex's Getzen. The valves on that were fantastic - if left in the box for weeks or months it came out again ready to play. I don't know the model of it though, sorry. I used a Bach 1 1/4 C with that. Got a good clear sound.

I agree with everybody - try before you buy. My flugel is the 3rd one they sent me - I bought it around the time that bands were getting lottery funding and instruments were being churned out like nobody's business.

Anyway - Good luck!



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Dawnys_flug said:
oooooo and while i remember, anyone have any thoughts on the Courtois trumpets? My flugel is Courtois and i dunno, there may be similarities there!!! 8)

Thoughts please!!

Dawn x x

I've got a Courtios 'Elite' C/Bb Trumpet, I've been playing on it for about 4 1/2 years and I like it. I play it in Jazz orchestra, where I have to swap onto Flugel quite a lot, and I don't have any promlems. It's handy for orchestral work too if you're lazy (like me) :oops: and can't be bothered to transpose because you can swap all of the slides and play in C or Bb. My Bb Cornet is courtois too.
Hi Dawn ...if you can travel down to Dunstable have a try out of the Eclipse trumpet. I picked up my Special Edition last week and without a doubt it is the finest trumpet I have ever played. The tone is wonderful, it slots perfectly and it plays in tune!! All the trumpets are handmade and there is no obligation to purchase when you try them out. I normally use my Bach/Selmer 25th anniversary Strad or Olds Recording when playing in a big band but this Eclipse is awesome!! Check them out at also have a look here at some comments
Forget my last post on this topic!

Thanks everyone for your superior advice!! I wasn't keen on a strad after playing on my friends but i took your advice and went and tried one out for myself and i have to say it's the nicest trumpet i've played on. And so i bought it!!!! It's a 37 and very very nice. I'm very pleased with it!! :D
It just goes to show that you have to try before you buy and make up your own mind as to whether a certain instrument suits you!!!

Thanks everyone!!!

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