Help find me music!!

Has any one got or can anyone find on the internet where I can get a copy of Morceau de Concours by J E Barat.




I can;t find it on the internet but hav u tried ringing emersons or banks coz they can usually get anything as long as it is in print
mmmmm . . . you sure you got the title correct? His 2 most common works are Piece in Eb minor and Andante & Allegro.

If you want to buy online you can get them at but you local shop should also be able to get them.



Hi Jayne,

Found several mentions of "Morceau de Concours" by J E Barat on Yahoo search engine but the best option is to visit Steven Mead's

It has the Barat piece on there and states the publisher as B. Crampon. When I've done a search on that name it has brought up a lot about Buffet Crampon musical instrument maker ?? So I'd say that you should send Mr Mead an email asking for further information. Hope it helps..

See you soon,



Already eaten it i'm afraid Jayne. Shouldn't have really as im on a green day today and have already used up most of my points.
Just make sure you have 2 milk shakes and a proper meal and I'm sure you'll be back on track. Pass any unwanted cakes my way, I'm just thinking of you.


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