HELP- Desparate Plea......


I'm in the process of setting up a brass band at my university, the University of York. Its going really well, possibly too well in fact...... :?

Plenty of players are interested, but we have no money until we sort ourselves out with our student union.

We need to borrow a few instruments (2 cornets, a euphonium, a baritone i think) and need some music to play!

Does anyone have any duplicate copies of ANY music at all, sat at home or in your band library?

We cant make money until we do concerts, and we cant do concerts with no music!

I'm looking for bands in the Yorkshire/North Yorkshire area who would be willing to lend out spare instruments and music on a temporary basis while we are setting ourselves up. Any instruments will be kept secure at all times and will be returned in perfect condition (well, the same as they were lent out :) )

Please please help,

Thanks so much... :)
May be worth contacting, CISWO, i think thats what its called, they were/ are the coal board peeps. Im not sure about your area, but in the north of england, I understand they have a stock of instruments which belonged to colliery bands that folded. Not sure if my information is correct, if not, Im sure someone will corect me, but its worth an enquiry.


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we've got a couple (a least) piece's in the libary that appear twice for some reason or another, PM me and i'll have a look at band tomorrow night and see what we've got, Might not be very glamourous stuff, but it'll be a start!!!!

James McFadyen

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I would be happy to donate some of my own music to you.

If you could wait until next year, coz I am overloaded with orders all of a sudden and I've got a bit of a backlog, things are a bit crazy just now!

But, sure, I'll get in touch with you in January and we'll work somthing out! :lol:

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