Help! Any physiotherapists or such like.


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Since I can't be [insert preffered expletive here] to sit and wait for up to 2 years for an NHS referral, I'm looking for advice on how to relieve Iliotibial Band Friction Syndrome. Having done some basic research myself, I understand that some kind of stretching exercises are in order but can anyone recommend suitable ones?


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I believe that the official recommendation is to give up playing bass trombone and to stop drinking beer. That should do it.



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See a Sports Massage Therapist. Preferably one trained at one of the decent schools and not an evening class at a Tech College. (London School of Sports Massage has a web site with a list of practitioners in each area) they can sort it for you and show the relevant stretches. I could explain some appropriate stretches but you really need to be shown how to do them.


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What have you done now...
Remedial Massage Therapy is pretty good. I've been seeing one for a while and he definitely helps keep my back and neck in line. Mind you he is a complete sadist...