HELP! Any computer whizzes?


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My MSN Messenger and all Microsoft programs are having problems working as they require a newer version of OLEAUT32.DLL or something like that. So i've downloaded a version off the Internet, but it won't let me put it in my windows/system folder as it's "in use" apparently.
I need these programs for my IT AS level work due in on Friday!
I've also downloaded something called PC Doc from
to analyse any problems on my computer, is this a good program?



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Windows uses this file so you can't replace it whilst still running windows. Boot your computer up in Dos mode by hitting F8 as it boots up and choose MSDos mode from the menu. Then use old fashioned dos commands to copy your new file over the old one. I would take a copy of the old one first though in case the new one doesnt work.


Why did these programs suddenly feel the need for a newer version of this file? If I were in your shoes my immediate reaction would be virus. Have you run a virus scan?

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All 32 bit files, like the OLEAUT32.dll must gointo the System32 folder. 16 bit files go in the system folder.

Put it in the System32 folder, if it still says it's in use, try booting in safe mode, either that or put the file on floppy and copy the file from the floppy to the System32 folder in DOS mode.

Unless anybody has better suggestions?


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Different versions of OLE automation are flying eveywhere.

The advised way of updating it is to apply a Windows or Office Service pack.

It's ill advised to be modifying the system directories unless you
a) know what you're doing
b) have no problems paying the consequeses of messing something up

If you let me know the exact file version of your "old" oleaut.dll, and your windows build no, I can point you to the right location...


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Keppler said:
If you let me know the exact file version of your "old" oleaut.dll, and your windows build no, I can point you to the right location...

If you could tell me how to find these out ( :oops: ) then i'd be happy to tell you them.

I'm running on Windows 98 (EEEEEEEEEEEVIL!)

The OLEAUT files properties are:

File Version: 2.30.4261
Microsoft OLE 2.30 for Windows NT(TM) and Windows 95(TM) Operating Systems

Hope that helps, if not then just prompt me to find anything out!


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Oh ok, probs not soz misinterpreted thinking he meant download IE6. I'll start downloading it in a bit.
Thing is everything seems to work now (!?) but I don't know why, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't!?


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